Friday 26th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Saint Laurent Book Bag


“What’s your favourite book?” he asks. I nervously smile without answering straight away, taking a sip of my pint of ale, thinking how this is the most dreadful first date question that ever was. What am I supposed to say? Something like Romeo and Juliet first comes to mind, but will he even get the joke? Probably not. Finding the perfect favourite-book answer is as important as the right brand of chewing gum you have in your pocket on the first date. It can make or break the final outcome. Imagine naming one of the Twilight saga as one of your favourite reads? It could turn off a solid four dates-kinda situation in seconds. If it does though, they weren’t worth it anyway.

But to prevent you from losing the right one (or just the right-now one), Anthony Vaccarello came up with the solution to all your worries. For the coming season, he designed the best bag to get on your (book)shelf. A refreshed look of last season’s Saint Laurent Book bag is coming at you in carmine red, in smooth and patent leather with a monochrome YSL logo splashed across it. It will not only make your date-night look turn into a lewk, but will also make just the perfect reply to their question. What’s your favourite book? “Oh, funny you should ask – it’s my new Saint Laurent bag,” you tell them through a grin. They laugh and realise you’re not only beautiful, but also humorous and with great taste in fashion. Ding-ding-ding. You hit gold. Or they did actually.

PS. I never replied to his question, just pretended I had to go to the toilet in that very moment. Never saw him again.