Friday 14th April

| BY Jack Moss

Ten Loves: The Balmain Phone Case


If this were to be a product on QVC, not that we would suggest such a luxurious item would ever be sold on shopping television, we would suggest that our very our Edtrix-in-Chief Sophia Neophitou would be the woman hawk the goods. And not just because she is a bonafide glamazon with a large chest, great nails (important for those close ups) and could talk for England, Greece and whatever principalities our woman of the world claims citizenship. No, it’s because we saw her in action, slipping her iPhone into their AW17 phone case-cum-bag at Balmain HQ last month, demonstrating how a phone is much improved with a glamourous sheath, sashaying about the room with it bouncing off her hip, snapping, chatting, Insta story-ing and taking selfies with perhaps the only human being better at pouting that she, Mr Olivier Rousteing. It was a most fabulous spectacle. So call it Sophia-approved. And what better seal of approval would you want than that? Oh, and it has a mirror inside. We’ll take six.

Photograph by Kevin Tachman