Tom Ford The Los Angeles Show Aw15

This isn’t really a review, more a very sorry love letter to the man that is Tom Ford because this season he chose to show his new collection in LA rather than in London, and in doing so cruelly snatched away from us the reason we live. Because if you have ever witnessed a Tom Ford show in the flesh you will know that nothing else you may experience will ever compare. Imagine a Jackie Collins book brought to life but not in a tacky Channel 5 way, because this is Tom and he always keeps things classy. And glamorous. You want sex? Big hair? High octane glamour? Look no further. This has, to quote SNL’s Stefon once more, everything, including a lady so in demand she keeps her legs crossed because the thought of not doing so is just too exhausting. Please come back to London Tom. Because, to quote The Heartbeats, you are a thousand miles away and we still have your love to remember you by, but really would prefer to express it face to face from an elegant pale grey banquette in a SW postcode.

Photograph courtesy of @carlota_marithe

By Natalie Dembinska