Topshop Unique London Pre Collections 2016

What I’m about to type probably has absolutely nothing to do with what actually inspired the Topshop Unique but then does it ever? For some reason, and bare with me and my logic, crushed velvet, which appears here in pale pink suit form, always makes me think for some reason, of that REM song, Crush with Eyeliner. The only link being the word crush, but still. That song was apparently inspired by the New York Dolls, who according to Michael Stipe, “knew how to exaggerate a song, to make it sound really sleazy and over the top.“ Not that this is sleazy or over the top, but you have to admit that there’s something rather New York Dolls about draped and embroidered leather, crushed velvet and animal print fake furs, all which feature here. Really though, it’s cool London party girl. An eclectic mix of sweet and tough, bohemian, with a slight eighties slant. A sort of tomboy crossed with a Last Days of Disco party queen.

By Natalie Dembinska