Monday 12th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Victoria Beckham: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Ten years ago no one could believe Posh Spice was designing a collection, ten years later no one can believe Victoria Beckham is going on a Spice Girls reunion tour. She has worked hard to get here, to get our attention and be taken seriously, and take her seriously we do. We love a bit of Victoria Beckham and over the years she’s loosened up that original strong signature lineup of dresses only and cut loose, more boyish, point proven today.

Yes, today the Victoria Beckham woman was empowered in khaki, waists belted, shoulders emphasised through cut-on-the-curve knits. She wanted to achieve a “three dimensionality,” and celebrate the female form. Coats and dresses took on an abstract leopard print and fur photo print, soft but fierce. It was all grounded in flats, swaggering leather enclosed sandals/slides/loafers – whatever they were, Posh Spice would have never. But maybe she would today? Wait and see. We loved the ridiculously oversized bag – so big that she sat in one on her Instagram the night before the show- it’s called the Duvet Shopper. Cute.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans