Friday 3rd December

| BY Andrea Sacal

10 Questions with Sasha Keable, as she Releases her latest EP ‘Intermission’

What is the perfect musical mix between Jorja Smith and Amy Winehouse you ask? Meet British-Colombian artist Sasha Keable who is breaking the music scene with her unparallel vocals and inspirational lyrics that bring forward an ongoing theme of self-expression across every single track. Raised in the musical world of Soul and Hip-Hop, she has been immersed in soulful tunes from a young age. Growing up, her inspirations were none other than a slew of creative legends including Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin and Ms. Lauryn Hill, no wonder her lyrics hit home.

The widely praised artist now releases her first EP since the start of the pandemic, this also being her second release as an independent artist. Dubbed “Intermission”, the 7-track-long project is about the story of heartbreak and is the reflection of how you can learn to be alone and love yourself along the way. The project includes its one and only feature with R&B artist Jorja Smith on the soulful single “Killing me” which is a dreamy collaboration if we’ve ever heard one.

Here we sat down with Sasha for a bit of a chat.


1. What experiences inspired the songs on “Intermission”?

“It was fueled by a break-up. It then turned into learning to love myself and that I’m best on my own. Plus it’s also just about being happy being by myself.”

2. For those who’ve never listened to you, what’s the perfect introduction from the EP to the Sasha Keable sound?

“Probably “Exception”.

3. Three essentials on your tour rider?

“Beers, red wine & cigarettes.”

4. Best love song ever written and why?

““Knocks Me Off My Feet” by Stevie Wonder. It’s just the best song. If you don’t believe me just go and listen to it.”

5. Favourite thing to do when you visit Columbia?

“See my mum and family. Whenever I go over there they throw me a big street party and we have food, drinks and the best vibes. Every time I go there eat my body weight in empanadas.”

6. Best thing about being from South London?

“Being from South London.”

7. Worst thing about being from South London?

“Being from South London, haha.”

8. If you had to give up singing, what would you do instead?

“I’d open an animal sanctuary and also train to be a vet.”

9. If you were a Marvel superhero, what would your power be?

“Raising the dead.”

10. What’s the rest of the year looking like for you?

“Studio, writing and going to see my mum in Columbia for Christmas.”

Stream Sasha Keable’s EP Intermission here