The Best from Apoc Store’s Second Christmas Drop

Here’s to Apoc Store’s second Christmas! The young and always fun retailer is celebrating its second year under the tree and we couldn’t be prouder. Here at 10, it’s no secret that Apoc is a retailer held near and dear to our hearts. The URL haven has hosted a slew of the most exciting creatives in fashion, design and art,  including the likes of Adam Jones, Ed Curtis and MMRMS Studio.

Since its inception, Apoc Store has adopted a retail process that is different from most. Apoc celebrates a new generation of creatives and is devoted to sourcing consciously-created pieces from up-and-coming artists and designers on a global scale. This is why Apoc Store gives its creatives the opportunity to sell the amount of product of their choosing, only when they want to and in the quantity that they wish. The retailer’s untraditional approach gives the power back to the designers.

After the great success of its 2020 Christmas drop, Apoc Store is back again with another festive compilation of its boldest gifts. The e-tailer has asked its engaging community to develop a series of fun and experimental pieces ahead of the holiday season. Here’s what we’ve got on our Christmas list.

1. Caroline Ohrt’s beer cap earrings

Caroline Ohrt utilises her own collection of personal items to create eye-catching jewellery that is sure to make heads turn this Christmas. Her pieces are created fromn upcycled materials such as beer chocolate foil wrappings and beer tops (see above) to create earrings and necklaces that play with shape, texture and contrasting materials.

2. Claire Duport’s quilted blankets

New to the Apoc Store roaster, Claire Duport crafts abstract quilted blankets that are sure to keep you warm and cosy this holiday season. Wrap up warm and get into the holiday spirit with Claire Duport’s handmade bedspreads.

3. Moreno Schweikle’s oasis ‘Water’ vase

Moreno Schweikle’s eye-catching oasis Water vases mark his triumphant inauguration into the Apoc family. We are sure you have never seen a vase quite like this one, which aims to reflect the transformative qualities of water. Showcasing a mixture of flowing water and a sense of abstract sculptural art, pick up Schweikle’s special creations to revamp your living room. Don’t forget the flowers!

4. Solitude Studios’ Pollute Me’jacket

Copenhagen-based creative label Solitude Studios often explores nature through its incredibly diverse and well-crafted pieces. The label’s Pollute Me jacket comes covered in oceanic detailing, including green and grimy seaweed growing from its seams.

5. Vincent Olinet’s Grenade Kimchi Tableu Gâteaux

Sculpture artist Vincent Olinet has made a name for himself by creating whimsical art pieces that will take your home decor to a whole new level. From giant melting cakes to bread shelves, Vincent’s artistry will have your home looking like an abstract bakery.

6. SCRY’s Shuttle Shadow shoe

Utiliaing an integrated printing process to avoid waste and a lengthy assembly line, SCRY crafts footwear for the future. The label’s Shuttle Shadow shoe is inspired by the revolution of digital footwear and comes fitted with a futuristic design and comfortable footing. Get ready for the future.

7. Shek Leung’s framed socks

Frame your leg with Shek Leung’s new socks to bring an upgrade to any outfit in your wardrobe. Bringing a slight revamp to your everyday pair, these extra-soft socks have been crafted from high-quality wool and have been mounted on 3D printed nylon frames.

8. Sung Ju’s broken Chamwoe t-shirt and cap

Inspired by the rigid silhouette of the Korean melon, young designer Sung Ju’s broken Chamwoe T-shirt and cap come in a range of different colours. Perfect as a layering or standalone piece, gift this to your favourite fashion or melon lover this year.

Photography courtesy of Apoc Store. Shop the list here.

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