Burberry Presents ‘Before Anyone Else’, a Three-Day Exhibition with Boy.Brother.Friend

Burberry has united with London-based publication Boy.Brother.Friend on a three-day-long exhibition full of art and live events from 45 diverse international artists dabbling between photography, sculpture, drawing, text, video, performance, fashion and music.

Before Anyone Else explores central themes of Black transnationalism, connectivity and community. Set at Burberry’s Regent Street location, the moment you walk into the backend of the flagship store, you are greeted with sky-high printout images. A bright green, wonky chair sculpture sits on a platform at the centre of the exhibition floor. as one leans against the other in perfect harmony. The space honours and celebrates the African American diaspora. “The exhibition is ultimately trying to explore the artistic languages and production of Black diasporic voices and asking how do they all connect to each other beyond borders and the boundaries of history and time,” says KK Obi, editor and creative director of Boy.Brother.Friend.

Alongside the exhibition space, Boy.Brother.Friend will be hosting a daily program filled with talks and performances from up-and-coming and established creatives, featuring some of the most exciting new voices in arts and culture, including Ib Kamara and Cktrl. The publication will also introduce a library curated by Prim Black that aims to educate and share Black stories and experiences.

Before Anyone Else is open till November 21 at 5 Vigo Street, London W1S 3HB.