Monday 12th July

| BY Andrea Sacal

10 Questions with Dylan Fraser, Scotland’s Newest Popstar

Making gold from ruin, Dylan Fraser is the Scottish musician taking advantage of his time locked indoors. Signed to Atlantic Records in 2019 and taking musical inspiration from the likes of Lorde and Radiohead, Dylan grew his love for music from a young age.

Writing song lyrics from within his bedroom in Scotland, the 19-year-old artist has quickly made a name for himself. Ongoing lockdowns have allowed the singer to both grow as a person and a songwriter and consequently, has given him the time to focus on his second groundbreaking EP dubbed The World Isn’t Big When You Know How It Works.

The artist believes that the quiet pandemic times were actually a blessing in disguise, allowing him to delve deep into his creative process. After the release of his debut project The Storm, Dylan Fraser received praise from legendary artists such as Elton John, Sam Smith, as well as radio royalty Annie Mac, commending his outstanding talents. His work takes notice of his adolescence; touring through his teen years and finding purpose in this massive world that we all call home. Dylan Fraser isn’t a name to sleep on.

Here, we caught up with Fraser to chat Scotland, career goals and what he plans to get up to come July 19.

1. What’s the best part about being a teenager in Scotland?

“I’m definitely not the best person to give you an answer on this as I spent a lot of my teenage years in my room writing songs, and spent way too much time on the internet. But, for me, personally, it was having nature around me. I enjoy coming back to Scotland when I’ve been in London writing music because as much as I love London, it can also get kinda hectic and overwhelming. I’m super grateful that I can come back to a quiet, slower-paced life and just spend time with my family.”

2. If your new EP came with a cocktail, what would it be called and taste like?

 “A Cohesive Chaos. Feels good but it’s all over the place, really. It would taste sour then warm in your throat. It’d also get you drunk as fuck.”

 3. Most memorable moment from recording the EP?

Recording tracks over FaceTime with my producer; that was a new experience. It takes so much longer to do the little things and I much prefer being in the studio but I’m still super proud of the songs we made.”

4. What’s one thing Scotland does better than anywhere else in the world?

“There are lots of things, for sure, but more recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the tap water in Scotland. It’s unmatched. It just hits different: crisp and pure. I can’t explain it.” 

5. What music did you listen to growing up that influences your sound todau?

Radiohead, Lorde, Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West. I really love how they push things lyrically and sonically, and you never know what you’re going to get next from them. I always look for similar qualities in other artists.”

6. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

 “Iceland. I keep picturing this glass house on a lake in Iceland. I’m not sure why but I know I want to write an album in a glass house in Iceland at some point in my career. I just feel like I could truly switch off from the world and just solely focus on making music – it looks amazing.”

7. If you had to pick, which is your favourite tune from the EP?

Don’t quote me on this answer because it will definitely change, but right now it’s “Nightmare”. It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written and I love the journey it takes you on.”

8. One goal from your bucket list that you want to tick off before 2021 ends?

I’d love to play a festival, so fingers crossed!”

9. How did recording your second EP differ from the first?

“I think I’ve just grown as a person/songwriter and I really took time to get everything to where I wanted it to be. Lockdown allowed for a lot of chill time so I could really focus on writing my second project. Having this time away from busy life has actually been a bit of a blessing in many ways.”

10. Who’s your dream collaborator?

“Either Thom Yorke or Lorde. I just want to have a conversation with them and hear about their process.”

Photography by Rory Griffin. Fraser’s single “Nightmare” is out now on all major platforms. His second EP, The World Isn’t Big When You Know How It Works, drops on August 20 through Atlantic Records.