Thursday 17th December

| BY Paul Toner

10 Questions With Elsa Majimbo, The Kenyan Instagram Sensation Making Comedy Gold From Her Bedroom

If Team 10 had an official mascot, it would be Elsa Majimbo. In a year the world suffered so much turmoil, the Kenyan Instagram sensation has captured both the laughs and hearts of the globe with her hilarious, quick-fire clips. Pre-global pandemic, Majimbo was journalism student with just over seven thousand followers. Fast forward nine months and the teenager has a Fenty endorsement, her own song on Spotify and 1.5m people worldwide eagerly awaiting for her next straight-talking video. Even our Editrix-in-Chief, Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, is utterly obsessed – so much so that for Christmas, she was gifted a personalised video message from the star (which she casually watches on repeat).

Away from her bedroom confessionals, where Majimbo wears shrunken sunglasses and chows down on crisp as she tells it how it is, the star also happens to be a 15-time chess champion, making The Queen’s Gambit look like child play. She also finds the time to host Bedtime with Elsa, her own Insta talk show where she’s already chatted with singer Jorja Smith, internet personality Lilly Singh and Black Lives Matter co-founder Opal Tometi.

In times of such adversity, Majimbo’s frank and incredibly hilarious clips make her a voice of a generation. To find out more on what life is like as the international darling of 2020, we caught up with the star for a quickfire round of questions:

1. What’s your top tip on becoming an overnight, viral sensation?

“Just hope it happens. I didn’t expect or plan it but when it came, I was so happy it did. I think just be prepared on how to handle the path that follows so that it doesn’t bypass you, because that will suck.”

2. You were recently in a Fenty eyewear campaign, if you had to pick a Rihanna song to soundtrack your life, which would it be?

“Needed me”. Basically in the song Rihanna clearly says she does not need anyone, she can always be the best version of herself without anyone. She only needs herself and I am on a path where I have built myself up to this point and I want to continue in this path where I don’t rely on anyone. I know I only need myself to become a complete success, do things on my own terms and not compromise my beliefs.”

3. Have you learnt any new tricks or trades during lockdown?

“Not really. My lockdown has been full of eating, working and laying about haha.”

4. You’re a 15-time chess champion, do you have any pre-match rituals?

“I don’t play any games 24 hours before a match. I believe it drains you of good energy and chances of losing skyrocket.”

5. Who would be your dream guest to come on your series Bedtime with Elsa?

“Anyone and everyone who comes on is an absolute dream. They are individuals who have been able to build and establish themselves to become these powerful entities that I completely and absolutely respect and look up to. (J.Cole though hahaha)”

6. How was the experience of making your debut single, “Snack Queen”?

“Fun! Very Fun! My team is an absolute dream to work with! They make me laugh and make everything a beautiful experience.”

7. If you had to escape Instagram, which other social media platform would you flee to?

“Snapchat. I have become completely obsessed with the spotlight feature on Snapchat. It is so addictive. It’s like all funny, creative, cool parts of the internet brought together. Absolutely insane, I love it!”

8. If you were ever to go on a worldwide tour, what would be on your rider?

“Eating lasagna in Italy. I have a crazy obsession with Lasagna so I want to eat it from its home country cause no doubt that’s where they make it best! Yum!”

9. Who are some comedians you look up to?

“I love Kevin Hart. I think he is the funniest person to ever exist. Issa Rae is absolutely amazing, she is so funny and on top of that established herself and created a production company and did all these amazing things making herself a force to be reckoned with.”

10. Are you more of a pessimist or an optimist?

“Optimist. No matter what, there’s always a ray of sunshine. That’s why I love comedy, it always forces you to see the beautiful and funny side of things.”

Top image courtesy of Elsa Majimbo. You can follow her here.