Saturday 13th February

| BY Paul Toner

Faboo TV! The New URL Home for UK Queer Club Culture

As queer people, we’ve been robbed of what would’ve been some iconic nights out this year. The first time hearing Lady Gaga’s Chromatica through a PA system, or Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, or Kylie’s Disco or even Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure? Whilst the absence of what would’ve been these seminal nights may bring pain to your chest – mine included – the real travesty here is the detrimental effect the global Covid-crisis is having on UK club culture.

For nearly 12 months, nightclubs across the UK have been shuttered; many of which will never open again once the pandemic has passed. A decent chunk of these are likely to be queer spaces, leaving a devastating impact on LGBTQIA+ communities across Britain.

Queue Faboo TV! The campy, much-needed pick me up that’s bringing a taste for the dancefloor right to your laptop screen. What is Faboo? You are Faboo! It’s a URL culture show that harks back to the golden days of British telly (think Blue Peter, mixed with The Hitman and Her, with a sprinkling of T4 and a helpful dose of EuroTrash thrown in there for good measure). It’s founded by Loverboy co-founder Jack Appleyard, Disco Smack’s ​Josh Quinton​ and the brains behind Harpies strip club, ​Jeanie Crystal.

Episode one kicks off in the ​Fabooudoir​, where host and DJ Zooey Gleaves (who also goes by Lagoon Femshayma​) cosies up with East London fashion extraordinaire Max Allen and features cameos from Josephine Jones and the legendary Princess Julia herself. Other Faboo segments include The Faboo Magical Mystery Tour​ – “​a one-way ticket to culture happening outside of the M25″ – and a gay ol’ finale performance ending each episode which is joyfully called The Fabooettes​. Go on, tune in, get a few quad vods down your neck and ‘ave a party. It’s going to be Faboo.

Faboo TV ​will air ​every second Friday of the month at 20:00 GMT ​exclusively on the ​Faboo TV YouTube channel.