Wednesday 24th April

| BY Dino Bonacic

These Are The Fashion Podcasts You Should be Listening to Right Now

3.55 by Chanel

No one can deny the power of an image: if a photo is worth a thousand words, then moving image is worth a million. But how many words is an hour of conversation worth? If the new-found popularity of podcasts is anything to go by, the answers is: A LOT. Not only are independent creatives finding this radio show-like platform perfect for expressing their opinions on anything and everything, but it seems like brands are slowly starting to use podcasts as an opportunity to interact with the tightest circle of their audience. Not everyone will be willing to give up 25 minutes of their life to listen about a story behind someone’s favourite bag, but we certainly do. Although not the most mass-friendly approach to communicating with the customer, the long-form podcast format allows the superfans to get deep insights into a brand’s world and hear directly from the people responsible for all those things you love, wish and cherish.

And then there’s a wave of creative thinkers sharing their opinions through the public microphone, representing the next generation of independent publishers – instead of print, there’s the voice, hailing back to the era of radio dramas and tentatively listening to audio shows. Fashion is very much a visual outlet, but it’s clear that the ever expanding focus on emotion and personality behind the actual clothes is something that can only be shown with actual words.

Just to save you days of searching for the right one, we combed through this rich landscape of fashion-themed shows and curated our very own list of favourites. Whether on your morning commute, during your lunch break or while you cook your dinner – these are the podcasts you should be listening to right now. That’s until we launch our very own – coming your way soon.


Known for his tight-knit community of collaborators, Alessandro Michele is an expert curator of things, people, inspirations… His world of Gucci is one that’s layered with references, both contemporary and historical, just waiting to be decoded by its audience. But instead of just allowing the flow of information to be created by the world, Michele and his team at Gucci are taking the matter into their own hands as they create their own conversation. Launched in 2018 with an episode about the opening of the Gucci Garden, the show simply titled the Gucci Podcast is a direct insight into Michele’s creative process through the means of talking to his collaborators. Florence Welch, Coco Capitan, Hari Nef, Adam Eli… The list of podcast guests goes on, as the brand’s projects continue to evolve and the fields of interest expand into every single direction. Without a single image of a tiger or a floral print, this is the sound of Gucci.

BEST TIME TO LISTEN: In a bath with a glass of wine and loads of Gucci’s candles lit up around you.

Available to listen here.


Joining in on the resurgence of pre-Internet archives via all social media channels imaginable, this is the podcasts for self-confessed fashion geeks. From interviews with legendary photographers to an hour-long discussion on the history of the tuxedo, April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary are the two USA-based fashion historians behind the concept which explores dress as a social category of the times these people and trends existed in. You can hear about both Thierry Mugler and polka dot as part of an eclectic mix of subjects that serve Dressed to a wider audience than most fashion-themed podcasts. With no pre-listening knowledge necessary, it’s your one-stop-shop to all things you didn’t need you need to know about.

BEST TIME TO LISTEN: On the train while heading for a long weekend getaway to the countryside.

Available to listen here.


With his soothing deep voice and an international accent (think Paris suburbia meets South London), John Galliano’s voice is the one you want to have in your head. Just before the first ever Maison Margiela men’s Artisanal show last June, the Paris-based fashion house launched the podcast starring the designer talking about the notions and motions inspiring his work. Six episodes (and counting), The Memory Of… with John Galliano is a monologue-based podcast that at times feels almost invasive due to its high levels of intimacy. Like peeking into Galliano’s personal diary for 12-or-so minutes, this show is more relaxing than a yoga class.

BEST TIME TO LISTEN: Just before going to sleep, as you wait for your face mask to dry.

Available to listen here.


Although not technically fashion-themed, Dream it Real is the most recent brand-launched podcast. Created as part of Coach’s campaign of the same name, this show is imagined to enable youth to think big and make those dreams a reality. Hosted by podcast expert Heben Nigatu (she is one of the co-hosts of the award-winning Another Round), each episode will focus on a celebrity guest and their story of creative success. Maisie Williams, Michael B. Jordan and the show’s first guest Selena Gomez are already on the list – any more proof needed? In addition to the main guest, every episode features a story of an inspiring young person. The first episode is dropping today and we’re already hooked.

BEST TIME TO LISTEN: When feeling down about your life i.e. on a Monday evening, on your way home from work.

Available to listen here.


If Dressed is made for everyone including your aunt Sheila, Fashion – No Filter is formatted as the insider’s access to the industry. Camille Charriere and Monica Ainle are two fashion journalists with experience in e-tail and influencing aka the perfect co-hosts of a Fashion-with-a-capital-F podcast. Combining their own opinions on fashion with dating advice and interviews with some of industry’s most-valued opinion makers (Vanessa Friedman, Eva Chan and Lucy Yeomans have all made appearances), Fashion – No Filter is the podcast equivalent to your guilty-pleasure reality telly or soap operas. With just the right amount of deadpan humour and self-deprecation, this one is made to be binge-listened.

BEST TIME TO LISTEN: After you get week-day drunk, as you try the homemade mac & cheese recipe.

Available to listen here.


“I don’t really have a job description, but Karl Lagerfeld calls me his outside pair of eyes,” Amanda Harlech intros herself at the beginning of one of the episodes of 3.55. While Chanel was one of the last to embrace Instagram, they were certainly ahead of the curb in the podcast game. Their first episode takes us back to November 2017 when, in collaboration with department store Colette, French editor Daphné Hezard interviewed film director Deniz Gamze Ergüven. Since then, numerous concepts hailed through the show, some seeing Harlech interviewing the friends of the house about the stories behind their Chanel bags, with the last series hearing Monocle’s editor-in-chief Tyler Brûle talking to Pharrell Williams, Bruno Pavlovsky, Amanda Harlech and Karl Lagerfeld, in one of his last interviews. As rich as the heritage behind the house, this is the fashion podcast model worth following.

BEST TIME TO LISTEN: While walking around Paris during a warm summer night, with a baguette in one hand and a bottle of rosé in another.

Available to listen here.