Saturday 26th September

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Gucci Teams up with Frankenstein Magazine for a Comic Celebrating Gender Fluidity

Always vocal on current affairs and social issues – from the importance of sustainability to slowing down the fashion cycle during the pandemicGucci’s collaboration with the Italian independent magazine, Frankenstein, is no different. Featuring the brand’s non-binary MX collection, the comic tells ‘The Incredible Story of Nokia, Gemini and Athon’ and exemplifies Alessandro Michele’s fascination with archival codes and contemporary vision.

By commissioning comic artists, including Melek Zertel,  to illustrate each chapter and represent carefully curated pieces from the collection, the comic depicts three different fantasy worlds, ranging from Harry Styles-esque, gender-fluid characters to more mythical, sci-fi beings. At the centre of the supplement’s narrative is the idea of self-expression and celebrating a non-binary attitude. As the three main characters navigate a relationship of love and jealousy between themselves whilst on individual quests for their own identities. The comic explores the performative nature of gender and presents masculinity and femininity as relative concepts.

As for Gucci’s genderless collection, it ranges from sharp tailoring to floral dresses to graphic knitwear. The standout, however, is a pair of bright green metallic flared trousers. Both the collection and collaboration with Frankenstein encourages everyone, no matter how you identify, to challenge all socially constructed boundaries surrounding gender and promote gender fluidity in the fashion industry and beyond.

The Gucci x Frankenstein Magazine comic can be viewed online and is being distributed for free in vending machines across Milan.