Wednesday 10th March

| BY Emily Phillips

Ten’s To Do: Flick Through the Pages of ‘Her Dior: Maria Grazia’s New Voice’

“We Should All Be Feminists”. It’s the statement that brandishes Dior’s now-iconic white t-shirt – and it’s also the leading inspiration behind the Parisian house’s new book. Titled Her Dior: Maria Grazia’s New Voice, it’s a contemporary photo-anthology of the manifesto-collections Chiuri has designed for Dior over her past (almost) five years at the house.

Unveiled February 8, right on time for International Women’s Day, the book is a true homage to the beauty, empowerment, self-love and self-affirmation that pertain to womanhood. Inside, the new book from Chiuri is structured by 240 pages of dazzling snapshots showcasing the marvellous acuity of 33 female photographers including Brigitte Neidermair, Sarah Moon, Bettina Rheims, Leon Lui, Maya Goded, Julia Hetta and Janette Beckman.

Through a combination of portraiture and delightful decors, abstraction and captivating chiaroscuro, Her Dior is an exploration of fashion’s female gaze. With just the flip of a page, get ready to relish in dazzling depictions come ablaze with light, windswept wheat fields where fashion meets femininity, and monochrome Mademoiselles in the prismatic images that cover the refreshing pages of Her Dior: Maria Grazia’s New Voice.

‘Her Dior: Maria Grazia’s New Voice’ is available to purchase here.