Wednesday 19th August

| BY Paul Toner

10 Questions With IAMDDB, The Manchester Artist Predicting The ‘End of The World’

IAMDDB is electric. For anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing the multi-faceted musician live, you’ll understand when I say her energy is unmatched. She cannot be ignored. I first encountered the star at Bestival back in 2018. Still relatively a new kid on the block back then – her first EP Waveveybby, Vol.1 came out only two years prior – a giddy audience spilt out of big top tent as it seemed every festival-goer flocked to see the 24-year-old. When the first twinkling synths of “Shade” – the infectious, quick-witted hit which now has over 38 million plays on Spotify – blurred through PA system, the crowd erupted. Ear-piercing screams, gun fingers left, right and centre – wigs literally flew. This was someone on the cusp of superstardom.

Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, IAMDDB moved to Manchester as a young child, spending her adolescence making a name for herself in the bustling Northern city. Like fellow Mancunian Aitch, the singer has carved a unique imprint in the London-centric hip-pop scene. Defining her distinct sound as “urban jazz,” the singer interweaves jazz with trap, and hip-pop with soul, swiftly becoming one of the brightest talents the UK has to offer. Over the past four years, she’s caught the attention of Ms Lauryn Hill, who asked the budding, young talent to open for her back in 2018, as well as big-name brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s, for whom she has fronted campaigns for.

Now the star has added another credential to her already lengthy list of talents. For her new single, “End Of The World,” IAMDDB executively produced the music video. Embodying a news anchor, a weather girl and a cereal-eating alien, the video is a glimpse into the weird and wonderful world living in the singer’s head. “The concept behind ‘EOTW’ was to give people a whole new perspective on the various personalities of DDB,” says the singer. “I feel like in today’s world we take ourselves way too seriously, and the reality is it’s really not that deep. ‘EOTW’ is about embracing all sides of yourself even the weird and unusual that other people may not understand. It’s about owning and slaying your uniqueness.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. If you haven’t watched the video yet, what are you waiting for? Well, before you do, we’ve asked IAMDDB a quickfire round of questions.

1. What music videos inspired you creatively growing up?

“Artists like MJ, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes had some belting visuals full of character, charisma and SWEG.”

2. Who’s one person you’ve been bumping recently that we need to listen to?

“Omah Lay – ‘Bad Influence.'”

3. We’re headed to Manchester for a night on the town – where should we go?

“I don’t personally go out like that in Manchester. If you’re after good food, San Carlo or Menagerie.”

4. How would you describe IAMDDB to an alien that invaded the earth?


5. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, which would it be?

“Bob Marley – Exodus. I grew up listening to this album it gives me mad nostalgia. His music is very healing to my soul.”

6. What’s your go-to item from your wardrobe currently?

“IAMDDB jumper, got to be XL with a hood.”

7. What’s one song you wish you had written?

“Gretchen Parlato – ‘Better Than.'”

8. Late night or early morning?

“Late night.”

9. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?

“A lawyer.”

10. You’ve got a mixtape coming out at the end of the year, are we in for any surprises?

“I don’t have mixtape dropping I don’t know who keeps feeding this fake news. But I will be dropping bangers all year, that’s a promise.”

“End Of The World” is available on all major streaming platforms now.