Thursday 9th April

| BY Paul Toner

IDEA Books Select 10 Quarantine Reads you’ll Cherish Long After Lockdown is Lifted

We’re nearing the end of our third week in isolation, and you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed. It seems everyone and anyone on your Instagram feed is being a lot more productive during this time than you are. From Insta-live yoga sessions to even entire full-length albums being created during quarantine, there’s a tremendous amount of pressure for us all to be doing ‘more’ than the next person. Whilst it is truly inspiring to see creatives utilising this time to push new ideas and innovative concepts, you shouldn’t feel like you need to be reinventing the wheel. Use this time to take a breather and catch up on the all things you simply haven’t had time to do. One of which is reading. Though you’re no longer sat on the Central Line every morning, don’t take your book worm hat off! There’s plenty to consume, and we’re not just talking about novels. This is the perfect opportunity to devour whatever fashion, photography and art publishings that are gathering dust throughout your household…

But what about if your bookshelf is looking a bit dry? Your coffee table book-less? Never fear. IDEA Books is the only place you need to head to get your fix for all things print. After all, not everyone gets to call themselves the coolest publisher in the world for nothing… IDEA Books have published some of the most exciting print products to come out in the last few years, whilst also having a particular talent in sourcing both the rarest and greatest cult books that would have any collector watering at the mouth. “At the moment everything seems crystallised for me into what is important and it comes down to food, creativity, caring, reading/researching and cleaning products,” says Angela Hill, co-founder of IDEA Books alongside David Owen. “More than ever I have a fervour to enjoy my books and how they enrich my life and have been buying a lot. As a bonus they are an investment.”

Whilst you can usually find IDEA Books’ greatest selections in the basement of Dover Street Market, each book, magazine and print they stock is available through their online store and Insta-shop. Here, Angela Hill selects 10 print gems she’ll never tire of, and neither will you…

1. Egoiste No.1

“I shall be going through my collection of Egoiste magazine – so so stylish, elegant and a beautiful insight into the rarified late 1970s/early 1980s society scene in Paris.”

Available to buy here

2. Wolfgang Tillmans – Portikus Frankfurt

“Super rare Wolfgang Tillmans early catalogue. I love his work and was so happy to find this.”

Available to buy here

3. Harold Pinter – Six Poems For A

“Heart-rending delicate, moving poems Pinter devoted to his wife underlining their deep love for each other.”

Available to buy here.

4. Michael Schmidt – Berlin-Kreuzberg

“Stunning, strong powerful images- a fantastic rare book.”

Available to buy here.

5. Girl’s Fashion 1970-1988

“Cannot explain how much I adore this book – it’s superb and magical and surprising.”

Available to buy here.

6. Self Service 1994-2019, The Ads

“So inspiring – a great book.”

Available to buy here.

7. Juergen Teller – Juergen Teller 1996

“His first book – the 1990s in fashion, in images. It’s all you need.”

Available to buy here.

8. The Interior Book 1979

“The most brilliant interior book that will ever exist.”

Available to buy here.

9. Cy Twombly – Homes & Studios


Available to buy here.

10. Richard Prince – Early Photographs 1977-1979

“Some [books] are just wonderful and self-explanatory, why I like them!”

Available to buy here.

Top image taken from ‘Wolfgang Tillmans – Portikus Frankfurt’.