Monday 9th August

| BY Will Saunders

10 Questions with Josie Man, Ahead of her Set at Reading & Leeds Festival

Enter the dreamy, technicoloured world of a Groovy Boo Thang, AKA, 21-year-old popstar Josie Man. With her youthful energy, hypnotic performances and a voice quite literally as sweet as honey, Man is a breath of fresh air within the pop genre. Her lyrics are powerful, turning prejudice she’s received into mottos of self-love, acceptance and kindness. 

Growing up in Orpington, South London with her four sisters, the tattooed pop star is extremely close with her family and often talks about them in her music. She is half Chinese (her father is from Hong Kong), and admits that growing up, she had a difficult time finding herself. She began making music on a quest to discover her own identity, hoping her songs spread happiness and joy. You can’t get a purer soul than that. 

Signed to Columbia Records, Josie released her debut single “Colours” at the end of 2019, which has now amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify. Her releases since have gone from strength to strength, with tracks such as “Grow” and “One Of Those Days” charting Man’s self-growth journey and her quest for equality. 

Josie is set to headline the BBC Introducing stage at Reading & Leeds festival this August and has been hailed as one to watch by NME for 2021. With her new single “Stormy Skies” due to drop next month, we caught up with Man for a quick chin-wag.

1. You’ve got an abundance of tattoos, if you had to get rid of one, which would you choose? 

“Omg love this question, I’ve never had this before! Might have to be a heart on my ear. I went to go get matching tattoos with my besties and it looks a bit silly! But that’s the only one and it’s tiny.”

2. What do you have planned to get inked next? 

“I’m getting a whole back-piece in September. So excited but also, so not ready!”

3. If you had to describe your sound as a colour, what would it look like? 

“I’d say it’s a mixture of pink, orange, lilac and green all going merging and swirling together.”

4. What’s one song by another artist you wish you’d written?

“A song called “Oceans Away” by Sofía Valdés. It’s beautiful.”

5. Which artist did you want to be just like as a teenager? 

“I wanted to be like Avril Lavigne. I loved her “Girlfriend” video. I was like that’s it I’m not doing my tie up at school anymore.”

6. What’s one song you can’t stop listening to right now?

“I think my favourite track of mine from this year so far has got to be “One of Those Days” because it really reflects the way I’ve felt for the past year! I wanted to reassure myself and others that everything will pass, sometimes we just have one of those days.”

7. You love a bit of yoga, what’s your favourite pose?

“It’s got to be child’s pose. I’m instantly relaxed ( most the time!)”

8. If you could have any brand dress you for your next tour, which would it be? 

“Omg – I can’t pick between Chanel or Gucci. Just love it all. Might make my own one!”

9. What’s one thing in your wardrobe you could never get rid of?

“My Naked Wolfe platform shoes! I wear them everyday in various styles. I’ve got a few pairs now.”

10. What can we expect from the rest of 2021 & What’s your favourite track that you’ve released in 2021 and why? 

I’m so excited to be doing festivals this summer, Reading & Leeds and others and I’ve got some more live shows and lots more music! I’ve just played my first gig in ages last night at Abbie McCarthy’s Good Karma Club.”

You can stream Josie Man’s music on all major platforms. “Stormy Skies” is dropping in September.