Thursday 1st February

| BY Finn Blythe

Loewe Announce The Thirty Finalists Of Their 2018 Craft Prize

L6We like someone who’s good with their hands. Pull your minds out of the gutter, not in the way you’re thinking, although we’re obviously not ones to shun that sort of talent either, but in this instance we’re talking about artisans. Or even someone who knows about things like fuse boxes, plumbing fixtures and removing limescale would be a good start… But a true artisan, capable of making beautiful things? The dream. For Loewe too, that’s what it’s all about, and has been since their earliest beginnings in 1846 as a collective craft workshop, remaining of central importance to the House, and prompting the LOEWE FOUNDATION to launch an annual Craft Prize, in 2016. Conceived by Creative Director Jonathan Anderson, he spoke of the importance of the competition to the heritage of the House. ‘Craft is the essence of LOEWE. As a House, we are about craft in the purest sense of the word. That is where our modernity lies, and it will always be relevant’.

For the 2018 edition, Loewe have just revealed their not-so-short shortlist of thirty crafts-folk from around the globe, a cross section of talent that spans age, technique and media as well as notability, whose work will be exhibited at the London Design Museum from 4th May to 17th June 2018. Selected from a list of of around 1,900 submissions by a panel of eleven experts, the list represents the Crème de la Crème of global design talent, with the winner and receiver of a cool €50,000 set to be announced on 3rd May. We can’t claim to be any kind of authority on design, but we’ve selected some of our favourites below.
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Images, from top:
Chrisopher Kurtz
Cho Chung
Mercedes Vincente
Aneta Regel
Chen Min