Monday 12th August

| BY Niamh Rooney

Ten’s To See: Three London Exhibitions Closing This Summer

Dog Daze (A-A) by Frank Bowling (1971)

As the distant school bell begins to ring, there are thankfully still a few weeks of summer left to indulge in. In case you’ve still not booked that ticket for a long weekend in Benidorm, we’re here to suggest some great, less hangover-inducing (well, it’s up to you) ideas on how to spend your holiday. Swap your vacay for a stacay, and turn it into a cultural one. These are the three major London exhibitions closing this summer…

The Citi Exhibition Manga at The British Museum

Starting off at the British Museum, Citi Exhibition Manga has been exploring the Japanese cultural phenomenon of graphic novels and comic books in an immersive manner. The space showcases original Japanese manga, as well as its influences in anime and cosplay. As the largest exhibition to be dedicated to manga outside of Japan, the ground-breaking display has been open since May and has gone down a treat down to its virtual bookshop and ‘manga me’ photo booth. As something which started out on scrolls in the 12th century, the art form is still being celebrated all these years later, so we feel pretty lucky to have London host such a huge occasion. If you’re someone who enjoys to indulge in some reading before attending an exhibition then look no further than our the second issue of 10+, in which Louis Wise delves into the world of grown-up manga.

The Citi Exhibition Manga closes on Monday, August 26th at The British Museum. You can find more information and purchase the tickets here.

Inflatable Attack on Titan

AI: More Than Human at The Barbican

After finishing at The British Museum it’s time to hop on the Central line and off to St. Paul’s. A quick, scenic walk away and you’ll find yourself at The Barbican. AI: More Than Human, is an exhibition offering insights from various artists about the future of artificial intelligence. Discussing the rapid-growing topic with installations by leading science institutions including M.I.T. and teamLAB, The Curve Gallery experiential show is one which requires total concentration, this is our future we are talking about after all. With Alexa taking over (I hope she didn’t hear) and Lil’ Miquela being the “face” of magazine front covers and fashion campaigns, the world is moving fast and we need to catch up before our AI twin overtakes us.

‘AI: More Than Human’ closes on Monday, August 26th at The Barbican. You can find more information and purchase the tickets here.

AI Ain’t I A Woman by  Joy Buolamwini (2018)

Frank Bowling at Tate Britain

Finally, it’s time to indulge into some fantasy. Frank Bowling is the man of the moment, and has been for the past 60 years, so it’s no surprise Tate Britain have decided to celebrate his rich opus. The exhibition boasts Bowling’s unique method, technique and process, taking you through the journey of his map, pouring and explosive painting. The 85 year-old was the first black artist to be nominated as a Royal Academician, and even studied alongside other legends such as David Hockney and R. B. Kitaj. The lifetime of his large-scale pieces on display brings just the right symphony of colours that will make you remember this summer day for the rest of your life.

‘Frank Bowling’ at Tate Britain closes on Monday, August 26th. You can find more information and purchase the tickets here.

Wafting by Frank Bowling (2018)