Friday 17th April

| BY Paul Toner

Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s Top Tips on Keeping Your Home Tranquil During Lockdown


They say home is where the heart is, but in Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s home, there’s a broken one. Well, not entirely. It’s actually a ceramic incense burner in a shattered love heart emblem that first appeared in Sernin’s AW20 collection, which you can now bring a slice of to your own humble abode. The Belgium-born, Paris-based designer has made the leap from sexy menswear to even sexier homeware. “I recently moved in into my favorite apartment I’ve ever lived, right in the Marais by rue de Bretagne. When I got it last October it was completely empty which gave me the opportunity to choose every single item in my home,” he says. As he began furnishing his dream pad, De Saint Sernin uses the Sex and the City quote of “cheating on fashion for homeware” to describe his sudden urge to channel his inner interior goddess: “I couldn’t help but wonder how LdSS Homewear would look like if we were to make some.”

Eight pieces in total, featuring plates and incense burners, each ceramic is adorned with LdSS iconography – from bulging briefs and peachy bums (the Bottom plate in beige is De Saint Sernin’s personal favourite), to those broken hearts. One pretty pink Come over for lunch plate is the cheekiest addition of all, splattered with white splodges. We advise you to put this one away when the parents come over to visit…. “I have been working with a London based ceramic artist since my debut collection in 2017. It started with very artisanal pieces for the ready to wear, slowly evolving into ceramic necklaces and body parts and finally into a homeware collection,” explains De Saint Sernin. “He is always thinking of what’s next for LdSS in terms of ceramics and suggested we do plates. Everything always happens really organically for us.”

The designer had plans to release the homeware collection later in the year, but the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus changed De Saint Sernin’s plans completely. “We were thinking about what we should do and thought that we would all be stuck at home and wanting to feel good about our homes and what we have,” he says. “So we launched the incense burner and they did really well. I think partly because it’s such a feel-good item and so beautiful and relaxing to watch.”

Making the homeware collection has been a rather inspiring experience for the designer: “I would love for it to grow bigger and bigger with the brand. LdSS is really about lifestyle and full experience and I think that’s what my community is looking for at the moment.” He continues: “I love the idea of supporting a local artist as well with their craft and especially in these trying times. It is crucial to support one another and take care of smaller businesses.”

Aside from nabbing yourself one of these fantastic pieces, De Saint Sernin has some top tips in keeping your home smothered in tranquility during lockdown:

1. “I am a Virgo, so for me to be at peace and fully enjoy my home, first of all it needs to be clean and everything needs to be where it belongs so that I can relax and enjoy myself.”

2. “I adore Axel Vervoordt, he is such a big inspiration for me. I get my tips from looking at his work.”

3. “I love having a candle burning or incense burner going something to give ambiance to the room.”

4. “Low lighting always.”

5. “Flowers every week is crucial to me, and you don’t even have to have a big budget for it, a couple of flowers will make a happy home and will only cost of couple of euros or even go to the nearest park and get them there.”

The Ludovic de Saint Sernin Homeware line is available to purchase online now.