10 Questions With Mall Grab, As He Releases His Debut Album ‘What I Breathe’

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out Britain’s favourite Aussies are a.) Kylie, and b.) Mall Grab. The London-based DJ and producer first captured the hearts (and dancefloors) of the nation around 2015 with EPs Feel U and Elegy, detouring to a more sun-kissed sound on tracks like “Pool Party Music” before moving onto thundering techno from 2019 onwards.

In this time, Mall Grab – real name Jordon Alexander – has become known for his full-throttle DJ sets, armoured with basslines you could hang your washing from, while using his own productions to experiment with a myriad of different genres and collaborators, working with the likes of Headie One, Novelist and D Double E.

All roads have lad to What I Breathe, Mall Grab’s debut album and most cohesive outing yet – blending hardcore, hip-pop, pop and club under one technicoloured umbrella. Featuring a knockout lead single, “Patience”, featuring Nia Archives, the 13-track project serves as a reminder of Mall Grab’s place as one of dance music’s most thrilling producers. And so we grabbed Mall Grab to chat all about it.

1. Introduce us to your debut album using ten words. 

What I Breathe is exactly that; my life in music.”

2. Why did now feel like the right time to launch your debut album? 

“Given the downtime of the past two years and the progression of my music so far, it seemed like the right time to explore some more specific sounds that I have been immersed with since I moved here 7 years ago -– I have my full crew around me now so it’s much better to collaborate and work on a big project together now we’re all based here!”

3. Describe your sound as though it were a flavour.

“Yuzu. No particular reason, I just love Yuzu and it was the first thing that popped into my mind. I guess the sound can be zesty and delicious.”

4. Tell us a bit about the iconic album artwork where you’re captured with a whole slew of golden retrievers (jealous!)

“So I have always loved dogs, and been compared specifically to a golden retriever myself hahaha. So I felt like I wanted to involve them somehow. The clock was ticking and we were running out of time to get the shot but luckily we managed to find a place with access to many golden boys and girls right in the nick of time – I wanted to use my friend Rob Booth who is an amazing photographer and I’ve worked with several times before, and he knocked it out of the park.”

5. Featuring the likes of Nia Archives, D Double E, Novelist, frontman of Baltimore hardcore band, Turnstile, how was it working with such a mix of talents on the album? 

“My music taste outside of a club setting is incredibly varied, so it seemed only right to get the concept of the album across to work with some friends/heroes of mine. It was an absolute dream and the collaborations came together super smoothly which I think is imperative to a coherent project!”

6. You’ve performed on so many stages across the world, but what would be your dream stage to play?

“I’d just love to play for all of my fans at once somewhere – I’d love to do my own wholly curated festival; something more outside the dance/electronic realm.”

7. What would be included in your tour survival guide if you had one?


8. What does a typical day look like to you?

“Wake up, drink a nice juice, start making music if I feel like it, if I don’t feel like it, procrastinate for hours.”

9. What is your go-to karaoke song?

“Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” or Texas “Inner Smile”, depending if I’m feeling vibey or melancholy.”

10. What’s next for Mall Grab?

“More music, more projects, more DJing, and spending time with those I love.”

Photography by Rob Booth. Stream Mall Grab’s “What I Breathe” on all major platforms now.


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