Monday 12th July

| BY Claudia Croft

My Happy Place: Actor Millie Brady is Next in Our New Creative Generation

A new creative generation is emerging from the devastation of lockdown. Inside Issue 66 of 10 Magazine, we teamed up with Chanel to spotlight a series of actors, musicians, activists, writers and artists who are fueled by talent, self-belief and are ready to shape the cultural landscape. Their time is now. 

From a ballsy Anglo-Saxon ruler in The Last Kingdom to cool-as-ice French girl Cleo in The Queen’s Gambit, Brady specialises in playing fierce females.

Where is your happy place?

“My happy place is my house, but also the area around my house. There’s a nature reserve and it’s really important for me to be in nature. I moved here three years ago. Someone said that when you walk into a place you’ll just know that it’s the home you want to live in. It’s true, I walked in and I was like, ‘Yeah.’”

What do you do in your happy place?

“Every day I go for a long walk with Luna, my little dog, then I’ll read and learn lines. I need to feel comfortable to do that, so I’ll just spread everything out. I can’t work in cafes. I need to be in my house and known where everything is.”

Why do you need a happy place? 

“Life can be quite overwhelming at times and, in London, it’s so easy to get swept up in that. When I get overwhelmed, going for a walk and just realising how small we are in comparison to the world can literally bring me back down to earth.”

Last year was tough. What did you learn from it? 

“It showed me that resilience isn’t always the answer. I’ve often struggled with being vulnerable and I think that lockdown showed that you can’t just run away from feelings. Being able to be open about my feelings and be open with my vulnerability and trying to actually not be so resilient has been a massive learning curve for me. I don’t have to always have this strong exterior up. It’s OK to just say I’m struggling. The last year has definitely been me learning to be vulnerable.”

Millie Brady wears Chanel, as photographed by Adama Jalloh. Taken from Issue 66 of 10 Magazine – MY, HAPPY, PLACE – is out NOW. Order your copy here.