Friday 21st August

| BY Paul Toner

As PJ Harvey Re-Issues Her Critically Acclaimed Album ‘Rid Of Me’, Feast Your Eyes on 10 of Her Best Looks

PJ Harvey is on a mission. The English singer-songwriter is set on re-issuing her entire back catalogue on vinyl by the end of next year. A pretty big task for a musician of Harvey’s calibre, who has been putting out critically acclaimed tunes since 1991. On this glorious Friday, we have been treated with not one, but two rather spectacular treats – both the re-issue of Ride Of Me and 4-Track Demos. 

Released just a year after her debut full-length Dry, Ride Of Me (1993) not only scored the singer a number three spot on the official album charts, but a Mercury Prize nomination (an award she would go on to win both in 2001 and 2011, the only artist to bag the prestigious prize twice.) This is the first time the album will be repressed on vinyl since its original release. Pretty exciting stuff, ey?

That’s not all. Harvey is re-releasing 4-Track Demos, a collection of intimate demos and off-cuts recorded at the singer’s home between 1991-1992. For both vinyl lovers and PJ Harvey fanatics out there, this set to be a spectacular day, indeed. We thought we’d join in on the celebrations by weighing in on some of our favourite looks from Harvey over the years.

Yes, she’s got the pipes. But for the past 30 or so years, the singer has proved time and time again that her wardrobe’s got welly, too. From her blue-eyeshadowed days in the 1990s which were all about slip dresses, mini-skirts and hot-pink catsuits at Glasto, to her Let England Shake ethereal gowns throughout the early 2010s, Harvey has quietly championed personal style and welcomed experimentation with open arms. You can even see her influence on the catwalks today. The mesh shirts over the tiny bralettes are very Supriya Lele, don’t you think?  You wouldn’t think twice if any of her wilted, white gowns closed out a Alexander McQueen show. Now that’s what we call a queen of versatility.

‘Ride of Me’ and ‘4-Track Demos’ are both available to purchase here.