Wednesday 2nd June

| BY Claudia Croft

My Happy Place: Artist Polly Morgan Is Next in 10’s Creative Generation

A new creative generation is emerging from the devastation of lockdown. Inside Issue 66 of 10 Magazine, we teamed up with Chanel to spotlight a series of actors, musicians, activists, writers and artists who are fueled by talent, self-belief and are ready to shape the cultural landscape. Their time is now.

One of the UK’s most exciting artists, Polly Morgan uses taxidermy, concrete and even nail-art paraphernalia to explore the inconsistencies between surface and reality.

Where is your happy place?

“My studio. It’s where I go to work but also to escape, and I find it’s a really meditative place to be. It’s where I execute ideas. I’ve got tools, paints, casting materials and work benches, and freezers for the animals that I work with. I’m slowly setting it up to be the perfect place to create stuff.”

What do you do in your happy place?

“It’s where my ideas become a reality. I like making art for the same reason I like cooking. I get to see the fruits of my labour. It’s very physiologically satisfying to know that you have produced something that day or that week. My studio is not always a happy place. It’s the place I’m most likely to be, but it can be a place where I’m very frustrated or very stressed. If I’ve got an idea that I’m trying to execute and it’s just not working out, often I will make and make and make the same thing and just chuck it out because it’s not working properly. I get the whole gamut of emotions in my studio, from frustration to euphoria, because finally the ideas come together.”

Why do you need a happy place?

“I think everyone needs somewhere where they can just go, and some people go and sit quietly and meditate, some people read books. Everyone needs time to themselves to process their thoughts. I feel very lucky that that has become part of my work, so that I can go to work and be happy.”

Polly Morgan wears Chanel, as photographed by Adama Jalloh. Taken from Issue 66 of 10 Magazine – MY, HAPPY, PLACE – is out NOW. Order your copy here.