Tuesday 28th September

| BY Bailey Slater

10 Questions with Rebecca Black, the Viral Sensation Turned Hyperpop Star

At just 23 years old, it’s safe to say Rebecca Black knows the fame game far better than her contemporaries. Her first brush with the elusiveness of stardom came 10 years ago, arriving in the form of a ridiculously catchy pop earworm known as “Friday” – we’re sure you’ve heard of it. The track and its playful music video were possibly one of the most viral moments of the 21st century if you really want to go there, instantly cementing the fledgling pop stars place in popular culture.

In the years since, Black continued her mighty reign on YouTube before branching out into reality TV and snagging an iconic cameo in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Nigh”t video, before finally settling comfortably into the limitless new musical frontier offered up by the glitch-ridden world of hyperpop. Aided in part by a collaboration with Dorian Electra, Black’s new musical oeuvre flits effortlessly from serene pop masterpieces a la “Worth It For The Feeling”, to IV-drips of sonic sugar rushes (“NGL” and “Personal”). The earworms are still there, of course, but these ones grew up on TikTok, infinitely scrolling themselves into an explosion of scrappy synths and high-pitched vocals.

Having recently announced her upcoming tour in 2022, we thought we’d catch up with the star to dig a little deeper as to just what she’s been cooking up over the last few years. From collaborating with Big Freedia, to predicting the future of pop music, here’s Rebecca Black in her own words.

1. How did you stumble into the world of Hyperpop?

“As I learned how to be more specific with the music I really felt connected to and wanted to make, I guess the result landed somewhere the vastness of hyperpop/glitchcore as a genre. Of course, meeting artists like Dorian and [100] Gecs were integral, the community is so tight-knit and supportive so I just felt really safe and welcomed into it.”

2. Who are your biggest inspirations at the moment?

“What I’m inspired by is always warping and changing – but right now I’m really inspired by Madonna’s early eras, Deee-lite & Lady Miss Kier and 2000s era reality television.”

3. What’s gonna make this tour better than all the rest?

“This is the first time I’m getting to hold the steering wheel completely. My last few tours have been opening up for others or being a part of a collective of artists and I am thrilled to bring my ultimate vision to life.”

4. Talk us through the inspiration behind the Rebecca Black Was Here EP artwork

“The photo we used for the art was actually a candid moment captured on set of a music video for my song “Personal” which is on the project. It felt like it captured the essence of the moment more than anything else. I loved the starkness of the framing. I knew many people would go in listening to this project not knowing what to expect, and I wanted to continue to surprise.”

5. You celebrated Friday’s 10 year anniversary back in Feb with a re-up single featuring Big Freedia and Dorian Electra – what else did you do to mark such a momentous occasion?

“Well…under lockdown here we had to get creative. I hosted a 1000 person Zoom party where Dorian and I got to DJ together as well as having so many incredible other artists be a part and perform remotely as well. It was an incredible time.”

6. What does your dream “Friday” look like?

“Depends! I love to party and dance but I’m also a big homebody. I love a night in with a couple friends playing Catan or cards. Lol. I think the last year only really made me appreciate that side of myself more.”

7. What made you decide on kicking off this new era with “Girlfriend”?

“It was always an important song to me because of how shamelessly queer it was. I’d hoped it’d be as special to other queer people as it was to me. I had this really joyous queer experience I wanted to share and it felt like a perfect tone-setter for all to come.”

8. Seeing as you’re quite literally a legendary viral sensation, do you have a favourite pop culture moment that wasn’t created by you?

“I grew up fascinated by award show performances – big, EPIC moments an artist and their team might dream up. Gaga’s Paparazzi performance at the VMAs is something I always come back and am just as floored and excited by every time I watch it. It’s dramatic and campy and shocking and creatively & conceptually stellar.”

9. What do you think the future of pop looks like?

“I find most pop really enjoyable when its aware of itself and its place in culture in some aspect. I hope it continues to be deconstructed and then put back together in a new, unimaginable form.”

10. Does Rebecca Black imply the existence of a Rebecca White and Rebecca Pink?

“Idk but if so Ms White and Ms Pink please find me!”

Catch Rebecca Black on her Europe 2022 tour here.