Wednesday 7th October

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Anthony Vaccarello Taps Helmut Lang for a Sculpture Collaboration at Saint Laurent Rive Droite

This year, more than ever, we’ve relied on online shopping and virtual try-ons to satisfy all our retail cravings. Thankfully, Saint Laurent‘s creative director Anthony Vaccarello has teamed up with fashion icon turned artist Helmut Lang to give us the perfect excuse to grab our masks and go and hit the shops.

Curated by Vaccarello, Saint Laurent Rive Droite is a cultural hub that sells clothing and art alongside each other and represents the modern Saint Laurent customer. Lang was carefully chosen by Vaccarello to “expand the identity of Saint Laurent.” Lang’s experience in creative philosophy and “his unique ability to turn items, either raw or discarded, into pieces of art,” gave way for a natural collaboration with the fashion house.

The artist explores the life-cycle of the clothing by memorialising pieces from the Saint Laurent archive in resin and aluminium pillars. The team-up promotes the importance of sustainability, a value which both Lang and Vaccarello are passionate about.

In the same way that Vaccarello wants the experimental boutique to democratise fashion, Lang throughout his career – both in fashion and art – has toyed with the very notion of luxury clothing. With this in mind, the symbiotic relationship between art and fashion can be enjoyed by a wider audience that is not limited to the Saint Laurent demographic – making a trip to Rive Droite a rather excellent way to spend a day off.

Photography courtesy of Saint Laurent. The Helmet Lang x Anthony Vaccarello sculptures will be displayed at Rive Droite, first in Paris, then in Los Angeles and will be available for sale.