Saturday 13th November

| BY Paul Toner

10 Questions with Sega Bodega, as he Releases His Sophomore Album ‘Romeo’

There’s no time for rest when it comes to Sega Bodega. The Glasgow-born, London-based musician has spent the past decade crafting some of the UK’s most exciting underground pop music, lending his production hand to tracks by Brooke Candy, Zebra Katz, Cosima and Eartheater. Heading the label and art’s collective NUXXE, Bodega has been instrumental in carving the careers of Coucou Chloe and Shygirl, who’ve both been propelled to global stars in recent years.

Bodega’s debut album, Salvador – released in 2020 – was both a heavy and raw introduction to the artistic oeuvre he aimed to create with his solo music, meeting hard, experimental production with themes of intimacy and nightmarish memories. The artist takes a more ethereal turn with his sophomore record Romeo, which dropped Friday. The narrative-led LP is based around a fictional being called Luci, which brings light to all those she meets. Working with an impressive list of collaborators, from Arca and Charlotte Gainsbourg to make-up extraordinaire Isamaya Ffrench, Bodega has put out some of his strongest tracks to date, be it the glistening “Angel On My Shoulder”, or the break-beat laden “Only Seeing God When I Come”.

Upon its release, we grabbed Bodega for a quick fire round of Qs. Take it away, Sega.

1. You’ve described Romeo as the album you’ve always wanted to make, how so?

“It just feels like the most adult thing I’ve made so far, I feel like a fully grown-up person when I listen to it.”

2. What’s your favourite thing about Glasgow? 

“The parties I think.”

3. What’s your least favourite thing about London? 

“How basically living in a different area means I won’t see friends for ages.”

4. What is your fondest memory from making the new album?

“I remember being extremely giddy when I made Luci because of how the vocals turned out, it sounded weirdly Celtic.”

5. Which track from the new album is your personal favourite?

“I think today it’s “Effeminacy”, it jumps between that, “Cicada” and “I Need Nothing From You”.”

6. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear almost every day?

“A MISBHV hoodie I got recently, I sleep with it on.”

 7. Out of the songs you’ve worked on for your Nuxxe label mates, which are some of your favourites?

“I think “Flip U” is still one of my favourite beats I’ve made, and the two Y1640 tracks me and Chloe did. Anything with Shy really cause after 5 years we still think the last thing we made is our favourite thing we’ve made.”

8. If you had to re-dye your hair a different colour right this second, which would you choose?

“Orange, I think that’s my current fave.”

9. Who from Nuxxe would be best on the dodgems? 

“Shy cause she’s unusually competitive.”

10. If your new album came with its own scent, what would it smell like?

“Le labo.”

Photography by Aidan Zamiri. Stream Sega Bodega’s ‘Romeo’ on all major platforms now.