Friday 11th June

| BY Bailey Slater

10 Questions with Slayyyter as She Releases Her Debut Album ‘Troubled Paradise’

Grab your Motorolas and put on your Von Dutch caps girls, Slayyyter is back, and this time she’s taking us to a Troubled Paradise.

We’ve been fangirling over this pop-prodigy HARD ever since she burst onto the scene with her twinkly-Y2K infused pop offerings back in 2019. Be it the hyper-house vibes of “Mine”, or the strip club-ready stylings of “BFF”, no soul has ever made us feel as connected to our inner Britney apart from the snake charming superstar herself.

Today, she’s bringing us an evolution of the sickly-sweet sound explored in her self-titled debut mixtape, having since ditched the neon-pink sunbed, discovered Brunettes have more fun, and even endeavoured in EDM. That keen obsession for earworm heavy-pop is still alive and kicking however, but it’s matured, darker, and even more addictive.

We’re not one for spoiling the fun, but between us girls, alt-rock, hyperpop, rap all come together in a sensational frenzy on the record. This is the star’s new universe, a world where rhinestone cowboys run amok past devilish blondes that play chess, and the sky remains in a perpetual state of acidic pink and deep purple.

Clearly still pop’s most exciting new talent, Troubled Paradise will make you dance, cry, and maybe even pee a little – as all good art should do. But before you take your first listen, hear all about the album from the star herself.

1. Five words that define the sound of your new album?

 “A Heartbroken Genre-Defying Pop Experience.”

2. Why did you decide to lead the album with ‘Self Destruct’?

 “The path to paradise begins in hell! And it’s the most hellish track I’ve made so far.”

3. What album do you think raised you into the pop star you are today?

 “I feel like I have three! Either Love. Angel. Music. Baby. by Gwen Stefani, The Fame by Lady Gaga, or Blackout by Britney Spears. All of them hold very special places in my heart, and were my biggest introductions into sexy feminine pop music.”

4. Name three mega-celebs you’d have over for dinner, and what would you cook?

I’d probably invite Post Malone, Elton John, and Pharrell. I would have my boyfriend help me make some St. Louis style Italian meal, toasted ravioli, pasta and salad. And some classic gooey butter cake for dessert.”

5. What’s the biggest lesson you learned from your mixtape era?

I think the main lesson I learned that being inspired is great, but emulating your influences too much can be a bit restrictive. Every song on my mixtape slaps, don’t get me wrong. But I think I figured out my own distinctive sound, and style of rapping and singing in all the songs I’ve made since then.”

Photography Brent McKeever.

6. Rhinestones or tramp stamps?

Rhinestones always. Tramp Stamps are cool but rhinestones will never go out of style in my opinion.”

7. What’s the wildest thing that’s happened to you since blowing up?

 “Ah, there are so many things. Some pretty funny drunk stories that I probably can’t tell publicly. I guess a more wholesome answer would be opening for Charli XCX exactly 5 years from the date that I saw her in concert when I was in high school. I skipped a choir recital and I remember my teacher being so mad. It was definitely worth it though.”

8. Who’s solo career is better: Heidi Montag’s or Lindsay Lohan’s?

Heidi Montag! I love Lindsay but Heidi was the quintessential pop star. She served us platinum blonde, rhinestone outfitted perfection, along with amazing choreo and songs. Her album also had a lot of amazing producers and writers who were defining pop music at the time for many artists.”

9. How are you planning to celebrate the release of your album?

I want to celebrate it with the people I love most, the people who made it possible on my team and at my label, and my fans who mean the world to me and allow me to be an artist. I’m most excited to just talk to my supporters on Twitter about their favorite songs and answer people’s questions about the process. I’m trying to not really drink as much anymore so the celebration will be a little more wholesome than my mixtape release, where I got blacked out and had to have a security guard carry me to my mom’s car over his shoulder… An iconic moment for sure, but one that doesn’t need to be repeated. Lol.”

10. What do you have in store for us over the next year? 

Lots of new music, live shows that will blow every concert I’ve done in the past out of the water, and some really cool collabs with artists I admire. And a lot of sick new merch and products in my shop that I’m excited to launch!”

You can stream Troubled Paradise on all major platforms now.