Friday 16th April

| BY Brittany Newman

10 Questions with Tion Wayne, The Hit-making Machine Blazing the Charts with “Body”

If you haven’t heard of Tion Wayne yet, you’ve definitely listened to one of his tunes. And well if you haven’t, have you been sleeping under a rock? For the last two years, Tion Wayne has been everywhere you look, from multiple Top 10’s rotating the mainstream radio, a sold-out show at the mighty Brixton Academy and even recently putting his single “Body” at the forefront of a viral TikTok trend – we like to focus on the good news only.

Although the Edmonton-born rapper is in the second decade of his career, he is currently reaching tremendous levels of success. Wayne isn’t just an effortless lyricist anymore, he’s a hit-making machine. While the star did feature on NSG’s nationwide hit “Options”, what really put him on the map was the joining of forces with fellow UK artist Russ Millions in the creation of the second-highest charting drill song ever “Keisha & Becky (remix)” – our apologies go out to anyone named Keisha or Becky.

With his unstoppable drive to succeed against the odds, there has been no stopping Tion Wayne, so we sat down for a little mother’s meeting.

1. How do you celebrate when a track gets into the Top 10?

“I pop some bottles, I eat good food and I live it up with my close friends and family because it’s not just my success, it’s all of our success/” 

2. What four unexpected artists would you love to collaborate with?

Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande

3. Should we be expecting a Wayne’s World 4 or is a new name in the works?

“We’ve got a new title in the works but big up Wayne’s World, the trilogy isn’t dead. I’m going to bring it back one day, maybe I’ll go all the way to 5 but right now, it’s album time.”

4. What are your top tips to becoming a TikTok star like yourself?

“I don’t think of myself as a TikTok star you know, I just am wherever I need to be to push my music and connect with my fans. I would say everyone should go with their own vibe and do whatever they take to naturally, I’m just being myself and I’m grateful people are connecting with it.”

 5. Describe your hometown Edmonton in 5 words.

“Prestigious, chaotic, inspirational, tough, blessed.”

6. What is your go-to studio fit?

“Tracksuit and sliders.”

7. Which up-and-coming artists on your radar do you want to put the world onto?

“E1 3×3, ZT 3×3, D2, Leah, Drilla, TK, Armani.”

8. How do you think you’ve changed as an artist since your first release?

“I would say my creativity has increased, my knowledge for creating a hit has grown. Practice makes perfect and I’ve learnt more about my skills and my craft and how best to amplify it.”

9. Football is a hot topic of yours, what injury did you endure that stopped you from being a professional footballer?

“I was the best striker but I had to put my focus into music. I might go back to it one day, I reckon I’m one of the best strikers in the world. Some of the Premiership stars you see on TV I used to kick ball with them, my speed is crazy!”

10. You have a degree in accounting, have you since put it to use?

“I definitely do put it to good use, I don’t miss anything when my account is filing my tax return!”

Tion Wayne’s “Body” is available to stream on all major platforms now.