Tuesday 10th August

| BY Will Saunders

Lifestyle Label Vented Arrives at Selfridges

Josh Scott isn’t your average 23-year-old. Creating a range of goods – from clothing, jewellery and miscellaneous home products – Scott founded his lifestyle brand Vented in 2018. Based out of his home in West London, Scott made the multidisciplinary brand with the goal of “designing our universe”, bringing together London creatives to design exclusive streetwear products for everyday use, encapsulating everything that inspired him whilst being able to “wear it and collect it”.   

Starting with a small range of tees for him and his friends to wear, Scott saw the brand as a way to “express myself and my interests”. This is also how he came up with the name Vented as “‘to vent’ means ‘to express’, therefore wearing Vented creates an avenue for self-expression,” he says. Scott has now expanded his repertoire, using his product design skills to create home accessories stemming from his admiration of “collectors’ culture”.

“It was something that always felt present within hip-hop and streetwear culture. I shared that desire for Louis Vuitton trunks and Andy Warhol screen prints,” he says. His current collection pays homage to British music and skate culture, reflecting his “inner-city inspirations”. Standout pieces include the perfectly cast concrete skatepark silhouette now known as The Original. I’m sure we all remember those tiny finger skateboards we would always buy when we were younger and then end up losing them that same day. Well, now you’ve got a skatepark to kickflip them in. 

This was the first home furnishing product he created, which was “inspired by the DIY nature of the sub-cultures before me. I rolled up my sleeves, applied myself and created a product that I could produce from my own home. That’s how we got to where we are today at Vented”, he says. Drawing inspiration from skate and music culture that shaped him growing up, Scott uses concrete as his medium with the intent to “set in stone elements of the culture that I feel are timeless and important”. Paying respects to what he feels are the entry points of streetwear, his recent product The Soundboy is a homage to soundsystem culture, personified by the spirit of Notting Hill Carnival.

Scott plans to use the brand’s social media platforms as a “time capsule” to document the work of our generation of young creatives “illustrating their talents and capturing key moments in their journey,” he says. Thriving on collaboration and building a community for his brand, Vented has linked up with numerous upcoming creatives from jewellers and skaters, to DJs and musicians – expanding his network and constantly learning new skills. “I think that all of our collaborations so far have been successful as they have either enabled us to produce something new, or experiment with what we can create,” he adds.  

For those looking to buy into the brand, Vented has arrived at Selfridges – a pretty impressive milestone for a creative at the beginning of his career. The launch will be online and in-store in London and Birmingham. It includes some household favourites such as The Original and The Soundboy,  as well as some Selfridges exclusives available for the first time: The Decks (a hand-casted concrete DJ turntable set), and The House (a two-piece concrete home furnishing product functioning as an incense holder as well as a key/jewellery holder). New jewellery and pendants will also be available. Don’t miss out.

Photography courtesy of Vented.