Tuesday 1st March

| BY 10 Magazine

Alexander McQueen: McQueen Parfum For Her

McQueen Parfum
A brand new scent for which to daub upon your body, this time from Alexander McQueen. It’s called McQueen Parfum For Her, which is both easy to remember/fancy sounding. Because it has French in it. It’s for “the woman who blooms in the dark” which is pretty much how I see my own life. Except I’m not a woman, and my version of blooming at night involves watching TV in my pants until 2am. So, what exactly does it smell like? “Sambac jasmine, tuberose and ylang-ylang,” apparently. Which sounds a little bit like something I might be tricked into buying in Whole Foods, but is actually a combination of scents that are gothic and “darkly romantic” coming from flowers that all bloom at night. There are also topnotes of clove, pink and black pepper and vetiver in order to more effectively mist yourself in deliciousness. And, because everyone knows that a perfume is best judged by its bottle – this one is “solid, sensual, with the artisan’s love of form” and has a fancy looking feather-y golden detail. Blooming lovely (sorry).

McQueen Parfum is available at Harrods, London from today (March 1st), and Alexander McQueen stores in London, Paris, and Monaco