Thursday 4th December

| BY 10Magazine

Chanel Beauty Press Day

Yes- a post by me Vincent Levy- a man, on the subject of beauty. I might not have fully understood what was going on at the demonstration of Chanel’s latest beauty releases- including the updated CC Cream (the first CC cream in existence, actually standing for Coco Chanel), Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, and Rouge Coco range of lipsticks, but I can tell you categorically that they’ll make you much more beautiful. Nifty tricks I’ve learnt this afternoon, which I’ll aim to pass onto female friends without grossly offending include ‘never make your cheeks matte, anything shiny sticks out, anything matte falls in,’ and my personal favourite ‘make the socket of your eye denser with colour as you get older, as this area of the eye tends to get fattier with age.’ Also- wear Chanel. Wear plenty of Chanel babes. Those wondering why I’ve chosen this image- well each of the new Rouge Coco’s is named after a person that was dear to Mademoiselle Chanel, and the lovely people at Chanel have let Nats know she’s rather dear to them, by picking her the perfect shade based on her complexion. It’s name is Etienne, it’s rather plummy, and looks dead good with a freshly lit cigarette.

By Vincent Levy