Tone-On-Tone: Chanel Beauty Launches A New Colour-Matching Collection

The cold season is coming, but don’t panic just yet because Chanel’s Tone-on-Tone cosmetic collection is here to set the tenor for frosty weather – and it’s gonna be suis generis. No more bleak climate conditions to put a damper on our skincare routine? Cheers to that. 

From its internal makeup creation studio, Chanel’s cosmetic chemists, technicians and all-around whiz kids have concocted a plethora of brand new lip and nail shades whose colours coordinate flawlessly with the Ultra Le Teint Fluide foundation – that’s the Parisian label’s primary performance, ultra-pigmented formula with a luminous matte finish for effortless all-day wear. 

Chanel proposes that you build your look from the epidermis up. This way you can rejuvenate your sense of whimsy by mucking about with “skin-to-skin” colour matches and choosing the shade combinations that are most similar to your skin tone. Pick-n-mix the combos and let your freak flag fly or take the tapered path and play with deep plums, aubergines, mauves, hazelnuts, apricots, caramels, pinks, rosewoods and more for an intimate and sophisticated look.

With the slick lipsticks and glossy varnishes on offer, you can remake yourself this season. Lacquer your lips with Rouge Allure hues that smear like a satiny second skin engineered for long-lasting wear. For the bold and beautiful, razzle dazzle your digits with lustrous Le Vernis protective polish shades. 

It’s an extensive assortment of kiss and claw solutions traversing 12 varying shades, each with two distinct undertone options depending on the cosmetic concoction desired. While golden hues envelop the wearer in a luminous glow, rosy shades provide a feeling of freshness like the first sign of flora in spring. 

What’s more, while the smacker and talon palette is peachy keen and copacetic, when combined with the Ultra Le Teint Fluide foundation, it feels downright synergetic. Pucker up, prep your nails and prime your pretty little face, pamper season is amongst us. 

Photography courtesy of Chanel.

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