Friday 4th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Chanel Launch N°5 L’eau Campaign


Chanel are making us want to move to the music. We don’t like to apply our holy Chanel skincare routines like the regular person. We like to make a show of it and Chanel know that. They understand us. For the next chapter of their ‘You Know Me And You Don’t’ campaign, they’re showing us the Chanel approved choreography to apply the N°5 L’eau All-Over Spray and N°5 L’eau On Hand Cream. It’s not a simple spritz or swipe anymore. This is getting technical. Directed by Jacob Sutton and choreographed by Dimitri Chamblas, the Chanel girl is getting cathartic with her dance moves, a total cleansing experience in N°5 L’eau whilst gliding through the air. She moves in total harmony, her body is possessed in perfect formation by the spray. And spray it wherever, like she does. The hair, too. Simply douse yourself in it. As Leikeli47 raps over the performance: “It’s a look.” Correct.