Friday 25th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Dior Beauty Release Backstage Collection

dior_mainEveryone wants to look like a supermodel. If you don’t, you’re lying. We are suckers for any beauty product that promises this and Dior Beauty have gone in with their new Dior Backstage collection, a range of products that are pretty much Peter Philips best unkept beauty secrets, the “basics” as he calls them. Beauty basics are the only basics we tolerate. The line’s star player is the Face and Body Foundation are light, buildable and most importantly come in 40 shades. Well, it is 2018 and we would expect no less after Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty groundbreaking shade range last year. Alongside the new foundation comes a Glow palette of the most disco-balling baby pink, pearly white and soft brown highlighters; a Brow palette in two shades, because thy brows must always be on fleek, an eye palette, with eight of the most used shades, a Lip palette with nine trays of glosses, satins and mattes. There is also a Contour palette which comes in two shade options to get those cheekbones chiseled. Love a good contour. And what would a make-up artist be without his/her brushes? Useless, probably. The Backstage collection will include reworked brushes based on his kits and favourite brushes. So we expect this to be the holy grail of make-up brushes. Forget everything you’ve been using, throw it out and start again. Although, you may notice one key product missing. A concealer. Key for us, at least. Philips has promised he’s working on it. Once we get our hands on this collection we will only answer to being called Bella, after Hadid the queen of Dior Beauty, obviously. In the words of SZA, “I could be your supermodel.” And we will be. 

The collection launches in France and the Middle East today before being available online from June 1st.

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