Tuesday 6th September

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EXCLUSIVE: We Interview The Face Of Gucci’s Guilty Fragrance, Jared Leto


Being, as we are, terrible at keeping secrets, it is of much surprise to all involved that we have managed to keep this exclusive interview with Jared Leto under wraps since it happened in Milan during men’s fashion week. Yes, we cornered the (Oscar-winning!) actor Leto all about his new Gucci Guilty campaign, released upon the hungry eyes of the world this this week. Guilty, if you didn’t know already, is the Italian powerhouse’s brand new fragrance and Mr Leto is star and face of the accompanying film, set in the streets of Venice as he and two lovely ladies embark on a hedonistic romp across the city. Which involves a bath, a bed and a bit of a threesome situation. Saucy. So what did he have to say about the brand new fragrance and accompany film? Plenty, actually. He’s an actor, darling.

Tell us about your relationship with Gucci? When did it begin?

JARED LETO: My relationship with Gucci began when I met Alessandro in Los Angeles about a year and a half ago. We connected, became friends and then he invited to be a part of this campaign. He is a true creative genius, a real artist and a very special person.

You’re friends with Alessandro. Tell us more about how you met…

JL: We met through a friend and it was in Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills to be exact. This project wasn’t something that was on our minds when we first met. We got along really well and it just kind of led to this. It was a really fun organic way for this to happen.
GG_PR_Stills__Page_19 copyWhat was the idea behind the campaign?

JL: The idea behind the campaign really stemmed from Alessandro’s vision. That was to make a film that was exploratory, and creative, and unique. It’s a story of three people who embark on an adventure through one of the most magical cities in the entire world, Venice, Italy.  We follow them on their journey as it unfolds.

What was filming in Venice like? Have you ever filmed in Venice before?

JL: I hadn’t filmed in Venice before. I had visited and played concerts there, but being in Venice for a week in the winter was really — magical and great. There is a very rich history there. It is a city that allows you rediscover and redefine who you are. I think it was a perfect place to tell this story.GG_PR_Stills__Page_49 copy

What does Guilty mean to you?

JL: Guilty is a frightful way to suggest taking some chances and not always playing things safe.

What does scent mean to you? Do you have a favourite scent memory? 

JL: I think my favorite scent memory is the smell of the campfire and scent is a powerful way to evoke the memory.

Have you always been a Gucci fan? 

JL: No, not until recently. I was excited to collaborate with this group of people who are doing such phenomenal creative work right now.
GG_PR_Stills__Page_11 copyWhat does a typical day in your life look like? What did you do yesterday?

JL: It’s usually something in nature probably. I love to make music, to make art, to be in nature.

If you weren’t you, who or what would you be?

JL: Probably some of the other choices I’ve made. I would probably have stayed focused on my original course, which was fine art. I would have been a painter.GG_PR_Stills__Page_46 copy
Who are your influences? Who do you look up to? 

JL: People who take chances, aren’t afraid to be themselves, people who are bold and brave.

What comes next?

Release the Suicide Squad, then a new album.

Photographs taken backstage at the Gucci Guilty campaign shoot, watch the film here