Monday 18th November

| BY Dino Bonacic

Florals for Winter? Actually Groundbreaking, Thanks to These Four New Fragrances

When Miranda Priestley sarcastically declared florals in spring as “groundbreaking,” she was thinking years ahead. Okay, she might have been talking about fashion, but the same reflects on the world of beauty. Wearing the latest rose frag just as the bloom season comes along is, well quite predictable. But spraying yourself in a mist of jasmine as the rest of the world goes into hibernation… That’s the kind of unexpected beauty behaviour we’re pretty sure Miranda would approve of. And apparently, so do the fragrance brands as they launch a new wave of floral scents coming out just in time for the cold season. Whether you’re going to get one for yourself today or request it from your own Sexy Santa, it’s totally up to you – but these four floral fragrances are so mighty rich they will warm up even the coldest of days, making you smell like a big bouquet in the dead of spring. Bees beware.

Peony Couture by Vilhelm Parfumerie

Old meets new in the niche fragrance library of Vilhelm Parfumerie. Always respectful of tradition in the art of perfume-making, Jan Ahlgren imagines scents that add complex depth to traditional notes. His latest creation continues the run. Taking the most ‘grammable of wedding flowers, Peony Couture adds a sprinkle of black pepper and a whiff of aniseed to an already opulent mix of Turkish roses and French peonies. The inspiration comes from a particular bouquet the Ahlgren received in 2008 – a bunch of red roses with a single, very tall peony standing tall in the middle. The fragrance exclusively launched with Liberty London, as part of Vilhelm Parfumerie’s new corner at the department store, with special paisley-printed sleeve covering the brand’s signature yellow-orange box. One spritz and the snow melts – this is a powerful floral so use it wisely.

Vilhelm Parfumerie Peony Couture is exclusively available from Liberty London, in-store and online.

Jasmin Au Soleil by Atelier Versace

When launched in 1989, Atelier Versace presented an experimental laboratory of the Italian megabrand, a space to explore new ideas and utilising the research and innovation acquired through time. This year, Atelier Versace extended into the fragrance world with the same notion. Donatella’s love of highest quality of materials and exceptional craftsmanship were bottled up in an exclusive line of six luxury fragrances, in partnership with perfumery experts at EuroItalia. The six scents cover a wide range from fruity through oud and all the way to rich vanilla, but our absolute favourite is Jasmine Au Soleil. As the name suggests, it utilises jasmine flowers from India picked at sunrise in order to preserve their freshness, which are developed into a sweeter direction thanks to honey and balsamic notes with subtle hints of hay and tobacco. It’s like a tropical getaway in a beautiful glass and gold bottle – and it will definitely cost you less than a week in Mauritius.

Atelier Versace Jasmin Au Soleil is available to shop online and in selected stores.

Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori

Always the one to take us way back in time, Alessandro Michele uses the platform of his Gucci fragrances as an opportunity to create an atmosphere in which his world exists. His first fragrance for the fashion house was Gucci Bloom which was released in 2017 and kick-started a new generation of floral fragrances looking at your grandma’s beauty cabinet for inspiration. The fifth iteration of the scent is now out in the form of Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori. Deep red lacquered glass flacon guards a combination of three noble and rare flowers – jasmine bud extract, tuberose and rangoon creeper – which were all in the original one, but are now enriched with notes of orris and Damascena rose. The result is a more complex bouquet, making sure you smell and feel like one of the royals, just in time to binge-watch the new season of The Crown.

Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori is available to buy online and in selected stores.

Byzance by Rochas

And what better way to end than with a throwback? A new take on an old favourite, the 2019 edition of the Rochas Byzance eau de parfum is a fresh interpretation of a classic 1980s fragrance that you will probably find in your aunt’s handbag. Evoking the magic and mystery of a late night in Paris, the deep blue bottle serves florals in their most opulent form. Somewhat traditional notes of heliotrope, rose and freesia turn intoxicating with the help of a warm vanilla and musk base, as well as zesty additions of bergamot and pear. Proving that florals come in all shapes and sizes, the new Byzance is a party fragrance extraordinaire, bringing together night and day, summer and winter. Plus, you’ll finally have something to talk to your auntie about at the Christmas dinner.