Monday 5th October

| BY Holly Brookes-Smith

10 Beauty Products for Achieving The Glow of Your Dreams, According to Heather Sanders

Heather Sanders started her clothing company Sorella on the floor of her apartment with $500. Eight years on, it is a multimillion-dollar business based in Los Angeles. The womenswear brand produces collections that keep in tune with the latest trends, with a store on Melrose Avenue. “It was my baby before my babies. I wanted to create something that empowered women,” says Sanders.

The business organically gave Sanders a platform which has continued to grow, she now has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. “I feel like I was an influencer before there was an influencer title,” she explains. In the beginning, Sanders grew her following by ensuring she posted at least 5-6 times per week, showing the path her business was taking. Her aim was to motivate her followers through relatability, enabling them to believe they could do the same. With such a huge following, as well as being a close friend of Kylie Jenner, that’s a lot of people to keep happy. “I have to be cautious of everything I post, especially now that I have kids, because it lives on the internet forever and everyone’s always judging.”

Sanders’ feed is a mix of her family life, business and weekly updates of her incredible nails. It wasn’t until lockdown was imposed that her followers began to take an interest in her beauty routine. She posted her skincare regime on her Instagram stories after receiving many messages from her followers, asking how they could replicate her clear complexion, “it turns out, everyone went crazy over it, which showed me how much people are really listening to what I have to say.”

In light of her new found beauty guru status, we spoke to Sanders to find out her top ten products that she would recommend to help us all achieve the glow we dream of.

1. Facial steamer – “I love giving myself at-home facials with a facial steamer. It’s the best and so relaxing, it irons out my pores before I do my routine.”

2. Kiehl’s: Facial Moisturizer

3. Gusha Stone – “I start and end my day with it. It releases tension and snatches my face at the same time.”

4. IS Clinical: Face Wash

5. Kylie Skin: Hydrating Lip Mask – “I use this every night. It really rejuvenates my lips. I love it.”

6. Giorgio Armani: Luminous Silk Foundation – “this foundation is the best for all skin types and it is affordable! It goes on so smoothly and it is so easy to blend. Also, it’s full coverage!”

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Wiz – “I love this so much because it makes doing brows so easy!”

8. Kiehl’s: Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado – “I love this eye cream because it is so creamy. I have no under eye bags because of this.”

9. C.E.O Glow: Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil

10. Hyaluronic acid – “It’s so good for your skin, helps with wrinkles/anti-ageing, and hydrates my skin so well.”