Monday 8th July

| BY Dino Bonacic

Marc Jacobs Are Releasing A Sweet Version of Their Daisy Scent

Isn’t everything way better with a sprinkle of sugar? The cheeky chap that is Marc Jacobs knows that the way to our hearts is a sweet path, and he’s now sashaying down it whilst spritzing his brand new scent. Indulgent and rich but with a wink-wink kind of charm, the new Daisy Love Eau So Sweet is the summer-ready version of a well-known floral fantasy. Last year, the brand’s beauty line expanded with a younger, fresher take on the Daisy scent franchise which originally started in 2007. The golden yellow glass bottle was swapped for a soft rose gold, with Kaia Gerber fronting the campaign of the original fragrance’s younger sister. Imagined by the nose of Alberto Morillas, Daisy Love added fruity and musky notes to the intense floral. With the fragrance world seemingly moving as quickly as the fashion one, it’s already time for Daisy Love to get a makeover. 

Bottled up in a frosted pink glass flacon, Daisy Love Eau So Sweet injects air and whimsy in the already complex combination of scents. Spritz, spritz. First up – a sweet fruity hit of berries and citrus, slowly developing into a field of flowers. As you walk by the daisies and jasmine, the fragrance takes you into the deep woods. Musk and iris coated in sugar present the delicious finish to the perfumed adventure. Sounds like the perfect setting for a first date – a hot summer walk in nature, at your disposal with just a couple of sprays. But before that experience, MJ have another one in store. Literally. 

From July 26th to 28th, a multi-sensory shopping destination will pop up at 13-14 Floral Street in London, covered in – of course – the same millennial pink shade covering the bottle. Over the weekend, you will be able to buy the frag as well as play interactive games with scented giveaways, customise your bottle and stock up on some serious social media content. In order to secure a spot at the Eau So Sweet Oasis, you can register online for VIP access with special goodies. Smell you there!

The Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet London pop-up will take place from July 26th to 28th at 13-14 Floral Street, Covent Garden. You can register to secure entry online.