Friday 14th November

| BY 10Magazine

Moschino: Jeremy Scott Debut Fragrance

Clearly not content with re-appropriating the image of one iconic toy (Barbie, who else?), Jeremy Scott has released a swarm of Moschino teddy bears through social media. As the teddy’s tees read rather clearly- ‘This is not a Moschino toy’ but Mr. Scott’s very first fragrance for the brand in fact. We’re struggling to put the effect of it’s heady combination of mandarin, cardamom, bergamot, lavender, violet, hawthorn, sandalwood and vanilla, fully into words, other than to say it does as it says on the box. ‘Touch me’ that is. So perhaps we’ll finally be able to lay our rabid Tinder-ing to rest? Hit the link below to buy. Repeatedly that is, as apparently it’s already sold out.


By Vincent Levy