Saturday 7th April

| BY Roxy Lola

Nicopanda Collaborates With M.A.C Cosmetics


Ooh yes, we start feeling a special sort of way when a fashion make-up collab happens. They’re rare, but when they’re right they’re iconic, historic. Nicopanda has recently collaborated with M.A.C Cosmetics, a match made in make-up heaven. M.A.C are the masters of this kind of thing. Nicola Formichetti’s vividly, comic-like colours, the coolest, craziest street wear has been morphed into eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, false eyelishes, powders and brushes. We can imagine all the Nicopanda fans in their pastel tracksuits, applying rich pink eyeshadows, flashes of sparkling silver smeared on their fingers as they get that inner corner highlight fleek-y. The collections comes with different Face Kits; ‘Preppy Panda’’, ’Primapanda’ and ‘Stay Cute.’ We will, now. Eyeshadows range from ‘Goth’ to ‘Supah-pink’. Nicola is just so versatile. Panda’s are the point of it all, wide eyed and engrained into pressed powders and sitting on top of lip glosses. And for all those brushes comes a chic white brush bag, panda-fied, of course. They have it all. The collection, according to M.A.C, is a mix of punk and “kawaii-cute funk.” We’ll do it all. We’re dedicated Nicopanda fans.