Thursday 21st March

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Tips On Finding The Ultimate Gender-Bending Skincare Routine

Pink is for girls, blue is for boys. Or so they decided back in 1940s, when this urban legend of colour according to gender dates to. And while stereotyping through baby clothes still remains in this binary colourway to this day (with the exception of our Ten Towers’ baby Beau Briggs, who rocks an animal-printed jumpsuit like no other), it seems like the world of fashion has moved along since. The lines between traditionally men’s and women’s silhouettes have become as interwoven as ever, allowing the ideas of self-expression beyond the expectations of whatever is hiding in one’s pants. With Gucci leading the way into a new era of luxury, a place where unisex is the prerogative. It now seems like the beauty industry is heading the same way, as the expansions of both make-up and skincare brands start to portray a bit more diverse target audience. With projections for the industry to reach $863 billion by 2024, it’s clear this is no coincidence – the focus is not just on a 20-something blonde, cis-gendered female anymore. Patrick Starrr, Jeffrey Star and (sister) James Charles are now arguably the most powerful influencers in the beauty community, all representing a totally unapologetic way of self-expression. In celebration of this move forward, we bring you a skincare routine that goes against all (gendered) odds, taking the best of all worlds and making you look like the best version of yourself. Get your hair tied up and get ready to – in the words of the inimitable poet that is Robyn Rihanna Fenty – “shine bright like a diamond.”

Aesop Cleansing Milk

First step: cleanse. And who else to trust than the leaders of the unisex pack. The Aussie company Aesop was founded in 1987, and has since been focused on serving a particular aesthetic that looked beyond the binary world. Their pharmaceutical brown glass bottles have become bougie bathroom accessories, while the high quality of their products helped establish them as a five-star brand. The newest product to come out of their workshop is also their first foray into milk-format cleansers – the Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk is made for all skin types in mind, particularly those of us whose sensitive skin often reacts badly to intense clinical cleansers. The moisturising process starts as you wash your face which means more glow for all – and it’s only the beginning. Launches April 1st online and in Aesop stores.

Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Peel

Getting rid of the old you can sometimes be a bit difficult. That is, if you don’t have a good peel inside your beauty cupboard. This Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Peel combines acids of all the best fruits (that’s apples, papayas and kiwis) into a jelly-like texture that will help get rid of your old skin cells. And for those with sensitive skin, there’s the soothing aloe vera in the mix too, making sure it’s not too intense for your face. The Austrian brand is well-known for their anti-age products, and has recently expanded into the men’s cosmetics too. However, it’s the Susanne Kaufmann core line that hits the sweet spot of somewhere in-between, with a clean French pharmacy feel to the products. Available online and in selected retailers.

Glossier Serums

Always trust a unicorn. And according to yesterday’s news, Glossier is one of them. Valued at $1.2 billion, the American brand launched only five years ago by Emily Weiss is making its name in the often tradition-led industry. Yet tradition is nowhere to be seen at Glossier. Their clean-face make-up and essential-oriented skincare line have most recently been joined by Glossier Play, a bolder line of make-up infused by glitter, colour and all that jazz. As for the skincare, there’s plenty to choose from, but our absolute favourite is the magical trio of serums. Purple for elasticity, blue for soothing redness, and orange for the glow. A drop of each and your skin is good as new. Available online and in selected retailers.

SisleYouth Anti-Pollution

Whatever the gender, the fact of the matter is – the world we live in is a dirty one. In 2014, Sisley launched Sisleyouth, “a unisex skincare product designed to preserve youth potential in 25-35-year-olds with hectic lifestyles.” And if you know anything about us, you’ll be aware that Hectic is our middle name. This formula is now getting an update as they launch Anti-Pollution, their new hydrating skincare product that combats effects of indoor, outdoor and digital pollution with its anti-blue light technology, fighting against the effects of phone, computer and TV screens. Always on the cusp of skincare technologies, Sisley is not just a beauty brand but a lifestyle choice. Available to shop online and in selected stores.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Avocado toast? Out! Avocado eye-cream treatment? In, in in! Known for their 160-year-long heritage dating back to a Brunswick apothecary in East Village of NYC, Kiehl’s is the American skincare brand creating its own unique space in the industry. Part traditional, part modern, its approachable price point and an all-round approach to beauty makes it the go-to destination for staple products. This is where the Creamy Eye Treatment comes in. Perfect for all of those that suffer from sleepless night, the hydrating avocado oil helps restore the natural moisture of the under-eye area. These are tears of joy though! Available online and in selected stores.

Boy de Chanel Lip Balm

The world went wild when Chanel first announced the launch of their men’s beauty line. Boy de Chanel was a groundbreaking move, as it became one of the first fashion luxury houses to take the market of men in make-up seriously, joining the likes of Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs. Inspired by Coco Chanel’s lover Boy Capel, the line represents a new chapter – not only for the brand but also for the industry as a whole. Their three-piece line consists of a 25 SPF foundation, an eyebrow pencil and a transparent lip balm. Finishing off our gender-bending skincare routine is the lippy, hydrating for over eight hours with its non-shiny formula. Whoever you wish to smooch will be grateful for the smooth lips. Available to shop online and with selected Chanel stockists.