Thursday 4th April

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Tips On Smelling Like It’s Summer All-Year-Round

And no, I’m not talking about the heavy odour of morning commute sweat. My mum (hello Suzy!) has been wearing the same scent for the majority of my life. For 14 years now, countless bottles of Chanel Chance went through our family bathroom cabinet. 11 out of 12 months of the year, she would only spray Chance, making the musky floral combo her signature scent. But for that one month, namely in summer when we spent several weeks beach-side, she would swap the round glass bottle for a white ceramic one. Jil Sander Sun, a fragrance that launched a thousand sunrises since 1989 when it was created, is her summertime choice. Think sunscreen infused with floral notes and a creamy, vanilla base. To this day, even a light spritz of this perfume instantly induces a handful of sun rays along with some sand wedged in my swimming trunks and the sound of water splashing in the background. Luckily for me, almost every airport has a bottle of Sun on offer, sitting next to the till joined by the likes of Versace Red Jeans and Davidoff Cool Water. The warmth, the heat, the comfort – Jil Sander Sun (as well as it’s men’s version) is pure summer in a bottle, instantly offering a haze of being sunstruck, wandering around semi-naked and carefree.

Winter has cinnamon, autumn’s got its woody notes, and spring has the fresh florals. But it’s summer scents that take you away the furthest, without the trouble of a much-delayed Ryanair flight. Yes, it’s still very much spring (and barely so), but it’s never too early to get excited for the holidays. This is your mini guide to smelling like it’s summer, 365 days a year.

Terracotta by Guerlain

First up – the summer prep before the actual summer. “There’s nothing more seducing than someone intensely smelling of coconut, like they just got out of a sunbed,” Phoebe shares her infatuation with the smell of a fake tan. You know, that sweet scent that falls between your grandma’s dressing table and a hotel body lotion? Exactly what Guerlain’s Terracotta is all about. Launched in 2014 in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the brand’s Terracota bronze cosmetics line, this perfume is liquid sun in a bottle, a combination of coconut, jasmine, ylang-ylang, citrus and vanilla. It’s your summer tan base, without actually damaging skin with UV rays. Or the tan itself. But you know, at least you’ll smell like Paris Hilton did back in the day.

Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma

Summer doesn’t get better than the Mediterranean. Or perhaps that’s just my Croatian-ness speaking? Capturing the essence of a coastal experience infused with rich flora, Acqua di Parma created their blue line Blu Mediterraneo. Heading the collection is Fico di Amalfi (Italian for ‘the fig of the Amalfi’), serving you everything you need out of a holiday fruit salad. Citrus and figs, spiced up with some pink pepper and served with the side of jasmine petals. Add a bit of a breeze and you’re in for a right ol’ scented treat.


Beach Walk by Maison Margiela

“Sunny hugs and salty kisses,” read all of the postcards I ever sent to my grandma whilst on summer holiday. She’s still got most of them, hanging off her fridge. Unfortunately, they don’t carry much scent anymore, despite me splashing them with salty water in order to “send her the sea.” Luckily, there’s Beach Walk by Maison Margiela, inspired by the scent of sunkissed salty skin, down on the coast of Corsica. The floral fruity scent is enriched with the tangy tone of benzoin and musk as the base of the fragrance, giving it that much-expected Margiela twist.

Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford

If you’ve never slathered yourself in Avon’s Skin So Soft dry oil, you haven’t lived. The line of skincare products is known for its mosquito-repelling qualities, so much so it’s being used by the Royal Marines instead of the products provided in their official kits. Its scent, a powerful version of  talcum powder, has been filling out hotel hallways since it was invented back in the 1960s. A totally luxurious take on this scent (and one that will look much more chic in your clutch bag) is Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc perfume. A classic white floral scent with powerful amber and coconut base notes, Soleil Blanc makes you feel like you’ll never be bitten by another mosquito. Which is totally wrong – repellent still needed.

Louis Vuitton’s Summer Trio

A sensory overload is what any holiday goer can hope for. The extremity of everything surrounding you at your final destination is what makes the levels of adrenaline sky rocket, infusing an unparalleled sense of optimism into one’s life. This kind of experiential richness is the foundation of the brand new mini collection of fragrances coming from the scented workshops of Louis Vuitton and the nose of Jacques Cavallier. Just in time for our summer prep, the trio of colognes each capture aspect of a Los Angeles summer. First up is the citrusy floral Sun Song, the essence of a morning sunrise on the beach, followed up by the green Cactus Garden, a contrasting fragrance of wet and dry notes of matte tea. Finally, there’s the Afternoon Swim, a cool citrus reviving the well-known smell of men’s cologne with an injection of Vitamin C. Fresh, indeed. With packaging created by L.A.-based artist Alex Israel, this triptych of scents is your one-way ticket to California, sunshine guaranteed.

The Louis Vuitton Sun Song, Cactus Garden and Afternoon Swim are launching online today.