Friday 2nd August

| BY Paul Toner

10 Questions with Insta-Makeup Extraordinaire Sweetmutuals

Experimental beauty was once left to the party monsters who ruled the dancefloors. Now, in the golden age of social media, outlandish make-up creations are being left to the talents from all over the world, some even too young to even get inside a club. Instagram has lifted our blinkers and introduced us to the new age of beauty fanatics that are re-fabricating club-kid looks in a contemporary context. @Sweetmutuals is a de-facto leader in spearheading the next generation of make-up extraordinaires. You won’t find her with a vodka-soda grappled between her fist, or even queuing up to get inside. At a tender age of 18, she is serving look after look to her 36k dedicated Instagram followers – all from the comfort of her bedroom in Columbus, Georgia USA.

With a buzzcut and jewel-like eyes, the visionary uses her face as a canvas to flip outdated notions of glamorous beauty. She teeters a fine line between conceptual and wearable ideas – taking beauty norms, slashing their simplicities and then making totally unique creations. You can spot her with Nike swooshes for eyebrows, squiggly flowers melting across her cheeks and painterly koi carps sswimming across her eyes. Ali aka Sweetmutuals has mastered the art of how to execute simplicity with futuristic sensibilities, with an oeuvre steeped in candy-like hues. She has the immense prowess as an MUA to be snatched up by major fashion houses any moment now. But until that day comes, we delve a little deeper into her world with the magical power of our 10 questions:

Paul Toner: When and how did you first fall in love with make-up?

Sweetmutuals: I’ve been in love with makeup since I was little. My mom had a subscription to Essence Magazine and I use to look at all the pictures inside them. Seeing black women wearing vibrant eyeshadows and lipsticks intrigued me. Seeing my mom put on lipstick also fascinated me. It fascinated me so but that I would have her put lipstick on me before I walked out of the house. Other times I put it on myself. Being four years old, you can imagine how me putting on lipstick went…

PT: If you had to pick one, which look on your instagram is your favourite and why?

SM: I really enjoy the “lighting” look. The warm-toned glitters combined with the coolness of the blue and black eyeshadow and the white eyebrow is very aesthetically pleasing to me!

PT: Whose make up looks were you inspired by while growing up?

SM: In middle school I was obsessed with watching NikkieTutorials and Jackie Aina.

PT: If you could paint anyone’s face, dead or alive, who would it be?

SM: Andy Warhol.

PT: What Instagram profile can’t you resist scrolling down daily?

SM: Does watching dogs on the explore page count? They make you so happy and put a smile on your face.

PT: What songs are on your playlist whilst you’re painting your face?

SM: Serious by Homeshake, Oof by Inner Wave, Way to the Show by Solange, and The Weekend by Michael Gray.

PT: One make-up product you can’t live without?

SM: Lipgloss!!!

PT: If you could bring back a make-up look from the past what would it be?

SM: I feel like it’s already coming back but, pencil-thin eyebrows.

PT: Would you rather be an elephant-sized ant or ant-sized elephant?

SM: Ant-sized elephant, because everyday would be an adventure. Scurrying about in the big, great unknown sounds amazing.

PT: If you could do the make-up for any fashion show, which brand would you choose?

SM: Gucci, I feel like they would appreciate my creativity.