Tuesday 5th April

| BY Will Johns

Ten Goes Fragrance Profiling At Penhaligon’s


Friday mornings aren’t bad. Most people are happy on Friday’s. But last Friday, I was more than happy. Because what better way to spend a Friday morning than at Penhaligon’s Burlington Arcade boutique, having one of their thirty-eight fragrances carefully selected especially for your very own precious being? As I found out, there isn’t one. Upon arrival, I was led into a charmingly ornate room, typical of the heritage brand, filled with a million bottles of their artfully concocted fragrances. After I’d made myself a little bit too comfy on the chaise lounge Mariah style, I couldn’t help but compare the experience to therapy, a bit worried I was about to be asked about my relationship with my father as a child.

Thankfully, it turned out to be far more light hearted. Instead of sharing my deeply subconscious demons, I found myself sharing my deeply conscious cocktail preferences. Mine is a Hugo. Champagne, elderflower and mint. My favourite colour is blue. And I prefer silk over velvet. These, along with further answers to questions about memories and associations, helped the lovely Stoyka Glazer, Boutique Manager, evaluate my fragrance needs. And like magic, the mysterious perfume lady expert dealt me the fragrances she was confident I would love. All of which hypnotised me into a state of dumb ecstasy. From those, we decided that ‘Blenheim Bouquet’ gave me the best chance of becoming Summer Bride by August. Zesty, fresh, and intoxicating. Just like Hugo. It all made sense. The best part is it’s a complimentary service for all to enjoy. I highly recommend an appointment on a Friday morning, pre-lash, ready to lure your very own summer wedding prey. In the club, post-Hugo’s.

Text by Will Johns