Thursday 9th August

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Against Nature by Timothy Han / Edition


In the 1883 novel by French writer Joris-Karl Huysmans, an eccentric character called Jean des Esseintes lives a secluded yet decadent life, continuously exploring his creative and intellectual consciousness. He reads a lot of Baudelaire poetry and surrounds himself with Gustave Moreau’s paintings. Jean is a peculiar man, one that stands between the real and imaginary, somewhere on the borderline of naturalism and decadence. The novel is titled Against Nature and shares the name with the latest perfume coming from the East London lab of Timothy Han. One of London’s prime niche parfumeurs has just launched the latest in his literature-inspired collection of scents. Simone de Beauvoir, Jack Kerouac, Yukio Mishima, and now Huysmans – each perfume draws inspiration from an iconic novel by taking the idea of the plot and transporting into the world of unconventional perfumes. Just like Jean does in the novel, the scent Against Nature reimagines the natural as artificial – its synthetic interpretations of floral notes create a unique blend of fragrance which will simultaneously confuse and make you wanna smell more. There’s the notes of jasmine and lavender covered in lacquer and metal, with earthy tones like vetiver and amber overlaying the citrus of lemon. The packaging doesn’t disappoint either – artwork covering the box was created by American artist Rafael Melendez, who combines nature and the synthetic world through his digitally manipulated illustrations of organic symbols. This is one rollercoaster of a perfume and we’re ready to ride it again and again. Ten Tip: Spray some extra of your Against Nature while reading Huysmans’ novel. Multisensory experience is where it’s all at.

Against Nature by Timothy Han / Edition is available from Browns, South Molton Street now and online from Saturday, August 11th.