Tuesday 29th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Ten Loves: Chanel Cleansing Collection


Double cleansing is the new cleansing. If you don’t know, then your skin is probably not as great as ours. No offence. Have no fear, Chanel Beauty is here to sort it out – and apparently us too because they’re introducing a five step cleansing process. Usually we’d be opposed to such a task taking up so much of our time, but Chanel always know best. They speak, we listen. The skincare collection begins with a natural cleansing oil that removes make-up without creating an oil build up on the skin, followed by a cleansing milk which is then followed by a cleansing milk-to-water (it’s a detailed procedure). Next comes a cleansing cream-to-foam and then an invigorating toner. It will literally be impossible to have any make-up left on the skin, which is the point. Obvs we already have a Hydra Beauty lotion or five on hand to moisturise after the procedure. Well, we are self confessed Chanel Beauty addicts. Whatever they say, goes. Can’t wait to have the skin of a Chanel model a la Lily-Rose or Keira or Kristen. Cleanse your skin, sins and soul. Always done best with a bit of Chanel