Tuesday 31st July

| BY Roxy Lola

Ten Loves: Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Matte


What’s better than a new lipstick? A new lipstick collection. More is more. Giorgio Armani are giving us options with the launch of a new lipstick, ‘Rouge D’Armani Matte.’ The tag line is (turned hashtag, as every good tag line is nowadays) #MyPartnerInCrime, which we love, because a lipstick should always be a woman’s partner in crime. Forget a man, apparently this lipstick is the one to seduce us. We like this concept. Probably a lot more reliable and satisfying than the pursuit for a man. New beauty technology comes in the form of 50% more pigments and less oil in the formula than a traditional matte lipstick – and we all know pigmentation is the key to success, if you’re familiar with a good ol’ Youtube tutorial. A light-diffusing gel makes up a quarter of the formulation to create a soft focus effect, essentially creating a creamy smooth matte. The current Armani lipsticks already live up to our high beauty expectations so we can confirm this will be good. The collection includes a solid 18 shades including six pinks, four reds, three nudes, two browns, two corals and one plum. “The new formula of Rouge d’Armani Matte is remarkable and has taken everything to a new level: intensity of color, long lasting, vibrant but matte and with a weightless comfort,” said Armani International Make-Up Artist Linda Cantello. “Used backstage, I can apply it hours before a show in the knowledge that it will stay put. And models won’t beg for lip balm!” A relatable model moment. The collection is available at the end of August.