Wednesday 25th November

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Ten Tips On Keeping Your Home Nicely Scented This Winter

As all candle lover will know, nothing beats the feeling when you’ve curated the perfect scent combination. Room-to-room transgressions must be fragrant but avoid the tendency of becoming too overbearing. Keeping your gaff smelling as lovely as you are is key to a calm and tranquil lockdown experience. A bubble of warmth and fresh smells will make you feel like you’ve plunged headfirst into freshly laundered towels (yes, there is such a scent), or have entered some sort of winter wonderland where everything smells like pinewood and ginger.

Anything in the deepest depths of your imagination has been turned into wax at some point – we won’t even mention that Gwyneth Paltrow candle… For us, we prefer more natural fragrances, perhaps named ‘If You Go Down to the Woods Today’ or ‘Autumnal Breeze’. Unfortunately, we’re not in the candle industry so, for now, we’ll leave it up to the experts. What we can do, however, is to give you a few of our favourite designer home scents that will leave your humble abode a fragrance sanctuary.

Mugler’s Alien and Angel Scented Candles

If you’re a fan of Mugler’s signature perfumes, Alien and Angel, there happens to be two accompanying candles to make your home smell as great as you do. Angel is all things sweet, packed with red fruits that melt into soft caramel, honey and praline, with a touch of vanilla and patchouli (from the same family as mint). Alien, on the other hand, is more floral, dubbed an “expression of femeninity”. The packaging, lacquered glass, is kept simple to seamlessly fit into your home – no matter the decor.

Mugler’s Alien and Angel Scented Candles are available here.

Louis Vuitton’s Perfumed Candles 

When it comes to home fragrances, the outer shell equally as important as the smells inside. Louis Vuitton’s collection of five scents is presented in a white ceramic holder with a gold lid. The candle is finished with a natural-leather handle, tying each to the brand’s iconic accessory collections. Fragrances include Île Blance, Encore Rousse and Feuille d’Or, each available in medium, large and mini-sets of three.

Louis Vuitton’s Perfumed Candles are available here.

Loewe’s Home Scents

Beetroot isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to candles, but for the Loewe home fragrance collection, it works sublimely.  Inspired by vegetable gardens and the natural world, Nuria Cruelles and Jonathan Anderson have come up with a tantalising fragrance collection. Made from vegetable wax with fragrances that include honeysuckle, juniper and even tomato. The terracotta-ribbed candles are also joined by a family of room sprays, too.

Loewe’s Home Scents are available here.

Gucci’s Marble Print Candles and Insense Sticks

Designed by Alessandro Michele himself, the Souvenir from Rome Gucci homeware collection includes both candles and incense sticks. The candle’s porcelain holder is a nod to the marble decor of the Musei Capitolini in Rome, referencing Gucci’s Cruise 2020 show. Scattered with motifs and symbols pulled from the collection, the colourful patterns and bold shapes are what drew us to these pots of aroma. And of course, they smell great as well – available in an array of fragrances.

Gucci’s Marble Print Candles and Incense Sticks are available here.

Dior’s Orange Cinnamon Candle

Dior has stopped at nothing to produce the most intricately decorated glass candles. With a choice between geometrically engraved holders or ones that come with hand-painted decoration, these candles are worth investing in. A quiet but confident contender of the Dior Luminarie collection is the orange and cinnamon candle. The attention to detail in the paintwork make this a worthwhile addition to your mantlepiece.

Dior’s Orange Cinnamon Candle is available here.

Aesop’s The Seasoned Wayfarer

Australian skincare brand Aesop introduces The Seasoned Wayfarer: a home fragrance gift kit that gives your average candles a run for their money. The trio of products includes Istros Aromatique Room Spray, Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash and Post-Poo drops, of all things. What we love most about this set is that it comes in a recycled paper pulp case. Good for the senses as well as your carbon footprint!

Aesop’s The Seasoned Wayfarer is available here.

Top image: Madonna in ‘Body of Evidence’ (1992).