Tuesday 28th August

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Tips on Getting the Post-Holiday Glow (Without Going on Holiday)


It’s end of August. Everyone around you has just come back from holiday with loads of stories about all the boys/girls they kissed, books they read and avant-garde seafood dishes they tasted in that fabulous restaurant on that secret beach. There’s something different about them – a big smile on their face, a sort of lightness in their walk. They have a glowing aura, kinda like pregnant women and freshly-coupled people do. It’s called a post-holiday glow and it’s more precious than a swimsuit that fits.

But look, some of us don’t get a chance to take a tropical holiday during summertime. Perhaps some of us went on a tropical holiday back in May, and have since ran out of both their holiday glow and holiday stories to talk about. So, what’s the solution? A last-minute weekend booking for Ibiza? Good luck with that. The pain-free solution is here – a subtle beauty makeover that will make you look and feel like you’ve had a relaxing holiday with your hun, full of stunning sunsets and power naps. Okay, you might not have an exciting beach story or a foreign romance (we’ll leave that to your own imagination), but you will definitely have the holiday glow. PS. Fake tan not included – that’s SO 2017.

Chanel Les Eaux de Chanel Toiletries (Paris-Deauville)


You know what’s the best part of a hotel-holiday? No, not the unlimited amounts of avocado at the breakfast buffet or the fact you can get fresh towels daily. It’s the free toiletries. So, what do you do when there’s no hotels around? Get yourself the new Chanel Les Eaux de Chanel Toiletries. Following the launch of the first genderless perfumes for the French house, the shower gel & body lotion duo represents a hi-luxe take on hotel toiletries. Inspired by the idea of travelling scents, the three scents each represent a different holiday spot – Biarritz, Deauville and Venice are all places we could totally include on our imaginary vacation map. The Ten favourite? Paris-Deauville is a citrus-floral mix that will make your morning shower feel like you’ve just come back from a long morning walk down the coast of Normandy.

Out September 14th, shop at chanel.com.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask


Step two is the face mask. Being on holiday is always an opportunity for resting. Yes, you might go for a wild party now and again, but the luxury of staying in bed for those extra few minutes is one of the ruling factors to the holiday glow. That’s where the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask comes in. With Aloe Vera, Willow Bark extract and water as the main ingredients, this is the ultimate solution for any glowgetter. Look – it even has the word written on the actual jar. And as all Tata Harper products, this mask is completely free of any bad beauty chemicals. It’s the organic farm holiday experience of the routine.

Shop at tataharper.com.

RéVive Eye Renewal Serum


Even though it hasn’t been scientifically proven, here at Ten Towers we believe holidays tighten and brighten your soul. And that’s exactly what the RéVive Eye Renewal Serum does to your eye area. High in antioxidants, the serum lifts and illuminates the area that everyone will be looking at when telling you the favourite book they read. Guess what, it’s probably Crudo by Olivia Laing. As if you also just came back from sleeping for (at least) 12 hours per day, this is the beauty fix for all those cucumber naps on the beach you didn’t get to have.

Shop at reviveskincare.com.

Sisley Hydra Global Serum


Following the eyes is the rest of the face. So, what were we doing on our imaginary holiday when we weren’t sleeping? Splashing in the sea sipping on boxed water of course. That’s where the Sisley Hydra Global Serum comes in. The whole premise of this product is bringing water into your skin. Duh, that’s exactly what we need. And to fulfil our mediterranean fantasy, the natural oils of lavender and sage naturally fragrance the product, making us feel like we’re about to join Lady Neophitou on her fabulous Greek vacay. All this abundance of water is also what certifies this as an anti-ageing beauty product. So, yes – holidays might make you look younger, but so does this Sisley serum.

Shop at sisley-paris.com.

Glossier Cloud Paint


We’re almost at the glow. Our skin is fresh, hydrated and supple. So, what else do we need? A little bit of colour of course. But no, we’re not going for an obvious tan. The colour we’re talking about is in your face. The newest shades of the Glossier Cloud Paint will make your cheeks look just that bit more sunkissed. Walking the line between skincare and make up, these cheeky tints are both hydrating and pigmented, giving even the most boring gray city skin a beachy makeover. While Nancy is telling you all about that handsome Italian she ended up with on her second – no, third – night, you can just nod your head, looking healthy, refreshed and like you almost care. There you go, your fake post-holiday glow is complete.

Shop at glossier.com.